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Is Literacy important in the math classroom?

Here's an answer from Literacy Matters website


"Math is highly conceptual and process-oriented, requiring that students are able to do more than copy and memorize facts. The goal is to construct meaning by applying skills such as questioning, predicting, examining, discussing, describing, and rationalizing. Reading and writing play a critical role in these processes. For example, students might be asked to explain, often in writing, mathematical procedures to demonstrate their knowledge. In doing so, they help strengthen their understanding of the underlying concepts. Students must also make sense of the technical vocabulary, complex information, and detailed directions contained in textbooks, articles, and documents such as graphs and charts. Without the necessary support, many students struggle to comprehend these specialized texts."

Websites with Math Literacy Strategies

  SchoolCenter Picture Top Pick: Think Literacy
A 120+ page PDF book with math literacy techniques. Includes the rationale, lesson plans, examples, and templates for middle grades math. An excellent resource.

Word Problems
A four step process on solving word problems.

Math Stories
A fun approach to word problems. This is a subscription webpage (about $27/year), but has free information and examples.

Literacy Matters
An index of websites with math literacy ideas. Good information!

Let's play Math
Go to the handouts section to get a helpful handout on "How to Solve A Tough Math Problem" and more.

Reading Strategies in Action
Videos, lesson plans, explanations, glossary of literacy in the math classroom.

Math Focal Points
A "focal point" is an area of emphasis within a complete curriculum, a "cluster of related knowledge, skills, and concepts."

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