Home Base Single Sign-on
for Teachers, Staff, and Students via the NCEdCloud IAM Service
Parents will continue to use the Home Base Portal 

What is IAM?

The IAM Service will be replacing the PowerSchool login after 2014-2015 End-of-Year processing.  The cutover date is July 6th, 2015.  After the cutover, all North Carolina K-12 students and employees will login to Home Base applications using their NCEdCloud Username and password. The accounts are currently available and LEAs and Charter School can begin providing their students and employees their accounts at any time. Employees can click on the "Claim My Account" button above.  Student accounts will likely be issued by their teachers, who have access to their students' usernames and initial passwords.

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is one of the NCEdCloud initiatives for the K-12 community of North Carolina. The IAM Service provides LEAs and Charter Schools a tool to help manage the authentication and authorization needs of their students, employees, and guests (and eventually parents) in accessing cloud-based resources. It provides self-service capabilities to all end users and delegated administrator capabilities to LEA and Charter School technology leadership. The actual service is being provided by Identity Automation and the IAM infrastructure is hosted in Amazon's AWS environment. This service provides unlimited scaling as well as a world class high availability platform.

The key benefits of the NCEdCloud IAM Service are:

  • Reduced number of accounts - access to cloud-based (hosted) resources with a single account - Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • User Claim Account process (for employees and optionally for students in grades 6-12)
  • Self-service user password changes and resets (through my.ncedcloud.org)
  • Account Administrator fuctions for designated LEA and Charter School Technology staff

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What should I do if I didn't claim my account?
A. You can claim your account now by following the "Claim my Account" link.  

Q. What should I do if I forgot my IAM username and/or password?
A. Follow the "Forgot My Username" and/or "Forgot My Password" link(s).

Q. I am trying to log-in to a Home Base application using the direct web address, but am redirected to log-in through IAM.  Is this supposed to happen?
A. Yes. All Home Base applications require authentication through the NCEdCloud IAM service.  This includes PowerSchool, PowerTeacher, School Net, OpenClass, Canvas and NCEES/TNL.

Q. I claimed my IAM account but cannot log-in. What should I try?
A. First, make sure you are using your NCEdCloud Username and password (this may be different from your PowerSchool information) and are entering it correctly. Next, try closing all of your internet browser windows.  Open a new browser window and try logging in again. If that does not correct your issue, please contact the BCS Helpdesk and include "IAM Log-in Issue" in the subject line.