Message from Catherine Cooke, Chairman
Brunswick County Board of Education

Welcome to Brunswick County Schools! On behalf of all the board members I invite you to peruse our website and learn all that you can about our ever growing school system. We have much to offer your child whether you are just beginning your education with us or are moving to the area and joining us for the remainder of your journey.

As the parent of 4 children, I can attest to the wonderful opportunities that Brunswick County offers every student.  My husband and I have resided here since we were married 28 years ago.  Our 2 oldest daughters graduated from Brunswick County Early College High School and are currently attending UNCG for their undergraduate degrees.  The nurturing and guidance they received from the teachers and staff throughout their education was invaluable.

Our 2 younger children are currently students at West Brunswick High School.  I am well aware of the challenges and struggles that a parent can experience with the day to day needs of a teenager.  I also know there are many things I have learned over the years that will enable me to empower parents in ways they need to facilitate the best experience for their child’s future.  The biggest lesson I have learned is to simply ask the question!  Many times parents feel intimidated and defeated before they even venture to find a solution.  Our teachers and administrators in all the schools are always ready, willing and able to help in any way.

This year North Carolina celebrates 175 years of public education.  It is hard to imagine what the first schoolhouse was like in 1840.  I don’t think they could even fathom the idea of internet, computers, smart phones and other technology tools that we rely on so heavily today for our day in and day out existence.  We have a world of knowledge right at our fingertips.

As we look forward to the next few years ahead of us in Brunswick County we see that we must continue to strive and meet the needs of each child that enters our hallways.  They each have unique abilities and learning styles that we need to accommodate.  Our teachers are constantly learning new ways to enhance their learning and make school relevant and fun!

We look forward to helping you achieve whatever goals you have for your child and your family. 


Catherine Cooke, Chairman
Brunswick County Board of Education