Edward H. Pruden


Dear Students, Parents, Patrons, and Friends of Brunswick County Schools;

Welcome to the Brunswick County Schools web site! You will find a wealth of information about our school system and each of our schools.
Brunswick County Schools is a community of lifelong learners. We believe in continuous improvement. Our four-year graduation rate is 85.7%, an all-time high. This reflects a deep commitment on the part of the Board of Education, teachers, principals, students, and parents.  Key goals include increasing the numbers of students taking a world language, taking advanced level and AP classes, and continuing their education in two-or four-year colleges.

Perhaps you are examining our web site as a prospective member of our community.  Electronic information and numerical data don't tell the whole story about a school!  Visit our schools and speak with our principals. Feel free to contact our office if we can share additional information or answer any questions you might have about Brunswick County Schools.  We also appreciate suggestions about making our web site more useful and user-friendly. 

Sincerely yours,

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Edward H. Pruden, Ed.D, Superintendent