MISSION:  To motivate young people to be better citizens.



Welcome back to the new school year.  We are delighted to have an enrollment of around 160+ cadets to start the year.  They are motivated and anxious to become better citizens.

We had a very busy summer with 16 cadets attending JCLC at Fort Jackson, SC.  In July we supported the Military Order of the Purple Heart recognition banquet in Wilmington.  The same afternoon we represented the armed forces by participating in the dedication of the Medal of Honor recipients who received stones in the walk of fame at the Cotton Exchange.

Also in July, we sent four cadets to a shooting camp in Anniston, AL.  Chris Hines remains the top shooter in all CMP camps this summer.  The next week the same team traveled to Camp Perry, Ohio.  They finished 10th in the Junior Olympics and 11th in the CMP Championship.  Team members were Chris Hines, Spencer West, Joe Johnson, and Hunter Johnson.

The first week of August we conducted linking events for our Harris Teeter Together in Education project to raise funds.  We did not get the choice first Saturday but did get out on Friday and the following Thursday.  We have over 300 linked so far. 

We want to get our cadets to reach out to neighbors to link to JROTC at Harris Teeter.  We also want to capture the information so we can put them in each year in August.  If you shop at Harris Teeter and have or would like to have a VIC card please consider linking to 8704 so we will get quarterly benefits from Harris Teeter Together in Education program.  You can give the cashier your phone number at check out and ask them to link you to 8704.  You can also go on line to http://www.harristeeter.com If you link to another school please consider adding us as another link.

We are embarking on a busy schedule for this year.  We will start with county meets and move on to other schools for competition.  We are moving our Parent's Assocation meetings to the third Thursday starting at 6:30 PM.  If you have questions about upcoming activities please feel free to contact JROTC.