MISSION:  To motivate young people to be better citizens.



It is hard to believe that we are half way through this marking period.  Our students will be taking benchmarks soon to assess they understanding of their course materials.

We had a very successful Trimeet in February. We didn't have as many teams but we had a lot of excitement.  Our teams competed and made a good showing.  On the same day our Air Rifle Teams was in Anniston, AL shooting in the Service Championships.  We finished second at Anniston and sixth overall for the Army. 


We had a very successful linking event and doubled our links to 379.  We will hold one more event on November 27 at the Harris Teeter in Hanover Center.  The manager there encouraged us to come back to catch the Thanksgiving shoppers.  If you shop at Harris Teeter and have or would like to have a VIC card please consider linking to 8704 so we will get quarterly benefits from Harris Teeter Together in Education program.  You can give the cashier your phone number at check out and ask them to link you to 8704.  You can also go on line to http://www.harristeeter.com If you link to another school please consider adding us as another link.

You can support North Brunswick High School if you shop at Food Lion.  Go to foodlion.com   and link to 213862

You must have your MVP number to complete the registration link.



If you have questions about upcoming activities please feel free to contact JROTC.