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Welcome to Brunswick County Academy!

  •  Brunswick County Academy offers three various alternative education models. We will begin the year with approximately 155 students in grades 6 through 12. One model is Parent Request, where we have approximately 65 students at our school that are in need of credit recovery to get back to their grade level so they will be able to graduate on time. This model is designed to assist students in need of recovering credits from classes where they were not previously successful as well as to finish their educational requirements for timely graduation. Our small student population ensures that all students receive the individual attention and educational program they require to graduate.  Our second model is the 9th Grade Academy where there are approximately 85 8th grade students who are sent to us from the middle schools within Brunswick County due to identified needs that may include but are not limited to failing EOG scores and failing grades for the year.  This program is designed to assist these students academically and socially so that they have the opportunity to enroll at their home school as a sophomore after one year at Brunswick County Academy. Within this model we offer small class sizes and a rigorous education so that the students begin to experience success to give them the confidence needed to continue at their home high school. The third program is for Long-term Suspended students. These students have been suspended from their home school for various reasons and sometimes for just making a mistake. They remain at our school to continue their academics for usually a semester, and sometimes the remainder of that school year.   It is important to note that although we have three program models, due to the small size of our school and staff, students within each program do interact with one another through academic activities, transportation, meal times and special school events.

    Overall, Brunswick County Academy strives to provide an opportunity for all students to have a second chance at success by completing high school and earning their high school diplomas.  Our goal is that the students who graduate from Brunswick County Academy will leave our school as college and career-ready citizens, where they can productively contribute to their community. Our students and staff work hard to accomplish these goals and we personally witness success stories on a daily basis!

    Our staff is proud of our programs and they work tirelessly to ensure success.  Brunswick County Academy truly is the place where students can realize their talents and make goals a reality! We are working to continuously improve by increasing instructional technology access, expanding intervention opportunities, extending art and technology throughout the curriculum, and providing diagnostic testing to ensure proper placement and monitor learning.  In addition, we hope to implement an intensive dropout prevention program for at-risk students.  It is our hope to continue to improve our programs and meet the changing needs of students.

    Please feel free to come by the school office or contact any staff member at 910-754-9593 if you have questions or need any assistance.  We encourage you to be involved in your child's education.

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