• COVID-19 Updates from the Brunswick County Schools

    Effective 2/21/2022

    Based on the guidance provided by the the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services and the Brunswick County Health Services, updated requirements/recommendations are now available for isolation and quarantine procedures. These requirements and recommendations are listed below.

    • Individual contact tracing and exclusion from school of asymptomatic students or staff after an identified exposure, including household exposures,  are no longer recommended statewide in K-12. As a result, contact tracing and school exclusion for asymptomatic students and staff will discontinue

    • When 3 or more positive cases have been identified within the same group setting within a 14 day period (example: classroom, sports team, or extracurricular activity, etc.), the group must be notified of the potential exposure. 

      • The Brunswick County Health Services has developed the Group Notification Letter that should be sent home with the student.  The letter can be found at this link: Health Dept. Group Notification Letters: English and Spanish.
      •  It is recommended that the student/staff person get tested for COVID-19 on or after 5 days from exposure or immediately if COVID-19 symptoms exist.

    • Any student or staff who has been identified as a potential exposure may continue to work or attend school. It is recommended that the student/staff member wears a well-fitted mask while at school for 10 full days from the potential exposure date.

    Any student/staff member who meets the criteria for a mask exemption may return to school after 5 days of isolation, with symptom improvement. The student/staff is NOT required to isolate for 10 days at home and is not required to wear a mask upon return to school.