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    Summer Regulation (June 15, 2020) Clarification

    •  Effective until June 15, Summer Regulations will go into effect. (Rule 2.2.16)
      • These regulations will neither supersede the Governor’s mandates and allowances, nor those of the local school system. 


    • The current dead period will remain in effect until Monday, June 15, 2020.
    • During a dead period, there should be no required activities of any student.
    • On campus facilities should remain closed, unless they are open to the general public
      • Due to liability issues, school equipment should not be available and left unsupervised for the general public to use. 
      • Coaches are not allowed to work with students during a dead period (Rule 2.2.15(e)(1); however, during this coronavirus crisis, virtual workouts are permissible.



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