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    Parents Bill of Rights & ESSA Updates

    The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) and the Parents Bill of Right legislation requires school districts to notify parents of children attending a Title I school (ESSA) of their right to know the professional qualifications of the classroom teachers and teacher assistants who instruct their child. This year we are streamlining the process to reduce the use of paper. Instead of sending paper copies of the notification to the parents, we are asking Principals to ensure that parents are notified via the school website, class Dojo, BCS Facebook site, etc. Gordon will also include information regarding this in the BCS weekly Friday calls. 


    The ESSA parent notification (in English and in Spanish) includes hyperlinks for the parents to click on and complete an on-line request form. Once they complete the form, the request is automatically sent to the Human Resources Administrative Assistant for further action. 

    We are also having 40 copies of the Request Form (20 in English and 20 in Spanish) to each school so that parents/guardians can obtain a copy if they prefer to complete the manual form. You can also access these at the following links (in English and in Spanish).


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  • Welcome Cougar Country  
    Dr. Brad Lewis, Principal
    South Brunswick High School

    Summer Office Hours - 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. 

    Monday through Thursday

    2024 Summer School Application is now available:

     Please Note:
    PowerSchool will be down for annual updates from 6/24 to approx. 7/23.  During this time, NO transcripts can be printed or DEC (Eligibility Certificates for DMV) can be issued.

    Important Information Regarding Sign-Out Procedures
    For students who drive:

    Students who drive themselves to and from school may sign out early once we have received an email from their parent/guardian 

    and have been able to verify that email by calling the parent/guardian.
    For students who do not drive:
    **If a student does not drive then the parent/guardian must come in to sign the student out. 
    **If the student does not drive but will be riding with another current SBHS student who is also leaving early then we must receive permission from the parents/guardians of both students involved.  Your email will need to tell us who your child is riding with and the parent/guardian of the driving student must send an email stating that your student has permission to ride with their student. Both emails must be verified by phone.
    Early Release emails should be sent at least 2 hours before check out time. 
    We understand that emergencies come up and that emails will not always be received in a timely manner.
    However, for planned early release emails, please make sure to send them as soon as possible so that we will have time to verify them. 
    We need to be able to verify all emails by calling the parent/ guardian. 
    Please make sure to update your contact info whenever your phone number changes.
    **Disclaimer**Please know that when you give your child permission to sign out you are releasing the school of all responsibility for your child once they have signed out. The time they sign out is the end of their school day. We are unable to enforce who they leave with, where they go or when they will return. Your email tells us what they are supposed to be doing. However, it is up to your child to do what you are giving them permission to do.  


    Updated Brunswick County Schools Attendance Policy: 

    Parking applications for the 2024-2025 school year
    are now available at the
    Front Desk and in Student Services.  

    Student-Parent Handbook


    South Brunswick High School Curriculum Review Process  (Policy 1310/4002) 

    The principal must effectively communicate to parents the manner in which textbooks are used to implement the school’s curricular objectives. Any parent interested in learning more about their child’s course of study or the source of any supplementary instructional materials should contact the principal for more information. If a parent would like to inspect and review particular instructional materials, the parent should make such a request in accordance with policy 3210, Parental Inspection of and Objection to Instructional Materials.

    Curriculum Review Request


    NC Star - School Improvement Plan Website  

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    SBHS Honor Code
    Vision, Mission, and Motto 

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