Flyer Approval & Distribution

  • Brunswick County Schools is happy to work with non-profit organizations in our surrounding communities to spread the word about upcoming events, opportunities, and experiences valuable to the students and families we serve. Our system does not allow flyer distribution in schools for for-profit businesses or individual projects. 

     Flyer Approval

    All flyers must be approved to confirm they are appropriate in content, design, and subject. All flyers must contain the Brunswick County Schools disclaimer (below) prior to being distributed within our schools. Though we do our best to accommodate however possible, please submit flyers at least two weeks prior to desired distribution date to allow our office and school staff adequate time to process requests.

              "This information/publication does not represent the views of the Brunswick County School system, nor does it constitute or imply endorsement,                   recommendation, or favoring by Brunswick County Schools."

     Flyer Distribution

    The printing and delivery of flyers is the responsibility of the distributing party. Please designate both the desired date and targeted schools for distribution, and we will notify school principals and staff prior to drop-off.

    Please email Tori Bullard, to submit a flyer for approval or for more information.


    Please reference Policy Code: 5210 Distribution and Display of Non-School Material for more information.