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SIT Team Minutes

Welcome to Southport Elementary

  • Dear Southport Elementary School Community,

    Welcome to the 2019-2020 School Year!  

     Southport Elementary is committed to providing each of our students with a safe and nurturing environment for learning.  The staff at Southport Elementary is prepared to help each and every student achieve their academic and personal goals.  We live in a complex and ever changing world and our students need to be prepared to be leaders while in school and beyond.  It is truly a team effort.  We need the support of every parent, grandparent, family member or significant people involved in our students’ lives to help us with this process.  We need the support of the Southport and Oak Island communities as this is the area we serve.  The wonderful things that happen each and every day in this building would not be possible without the combined efforts of all these groups.  We believe in building relationships with our students and with the community in order to make school a positive learning experience.

     We believe in safety first and will do everything possible to ensure our students learn in a positive and safe environment.  We believe in communication and encourage you to establish and maintain communication with your student’s teachers, the administrative team or any other person on our staff who can assist you or your student.  While we strive to educate the “whole child”, we believe the ability to read, to comprehend and to be able to communicate what you have read about is the most important skill your student needs to master.  Family members and community volunteers can help us by putting READING first in everything you do.  

     At Southport Elementary School we are a FAMILY, all working together with the same goals.  Our students are our most important and valuable asset and our future.  We welcome your partnership as we move through the 2019-2020 school year.  If you are not sure how you can help, just ask us!  We look forward to a great year!

    Below you will find a copy of Southport Elementary School's NC Report Card for the 2019 school year. Please review the accompanying parent letter and report card at your convenience.

    NC Report Card Parent Letter

    NC Report Card Parent Letter (Spanish)

    SES NC Report Card (English)

    SES NC Report Card (Spanish)

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