• ECHS Purpose Statement

    The purpose of Brunswick County Early College High School is to serve students who are traditionally underrepresented in institutions of higher education and to prepare all students to be career, college, and life ready. As a North Carolina Cooperative Innovative High School, BCECHS targets first-generation college students, students who do not see themselves as completing a college degree, and/or students who would benefit from accelerated learning opportunities.



    It is the vision of Brunswick County Early College High School that all students will graduate college, career, and life ready.



    Brunswick County Early College High School (BCECHS) provides a rigorous, relevant curriculum and the academic, relational support necessary for students to complete the requirements for a North Carolina High School Diploma and an Associate’s Degree from Brunswick Community College in 4-5 years.


    Guiding Principles: Beliefs


    1. We believe students thrive and succeed in a safe environment where highly qualified teachers create exciting, personalized, and rigorous academic work that fosters a community of self-motivated, responsible learners.
    2. We believe the success of our students and school is dependent upon the active participation of all stakeholders.
    3. We believe sustained relationships are important to the learning process, and Seminar provides the structure for students’ ongoing academic and personal support.
    4. We believe students learn in different ways at different times, and teachers meet these needs through research-based and differentiated instruction.
    5. We believe integrated curriculum, inquiry-based learning, Socratic seminars, field experiences, student presentations, and performance-based assessments add relevancy and in-depth learning.
    6. We believe small learning communities work consciously and mindfully to provide a caring, respectful community for all students that acknowledges and values them for who they are.
    7. We believe that students need to be involved in community service in order to view their role in the broader society and to create conscientious, contributing citizen.