• COVID-19 Leave Administration Updates from the Brunswick County Schools

    Effective 1/3/2022

    Effective January 3, 2023, Brunswick County Schools will be changing our process with respect to COVID Leave administration. Below outlines this process:

    · If an employee is sick and unable to work he/she should notify their supervisor, not come to work, and use their appropriate leave. 

    · If an employee chooses to have a lab-confirmed COVID test and tests positive, he/she should call the Brunswick County Health Department at (844)-628-7223 (ext. 4) to obtain a return to work letter. The employee should follow the guidance in the letter regarding returning to work.

    · In order to access Contagious Disease Leave (CDL) for the period of time that the Health Department orders him/her to leave his/her work environment, the employee will have to provide a copy of the letter from the Health Department to the Brunswick County Schools' Human Resources Department. In order to ensure timely processing, please send a copy of the letter via email to sfoster@bcswan.net as soon as possible. 

    · Upon receipt of the letter, the Human Resources Department will email the Payroll Department and the employee to notify them whether or not CDL has been approved.

    · The Payroll Department will process approved CDL to ensure that the employee's leave balances are not affected by the time approved for CDL. 

    · If the employee is absent any days outside of the time period that he/she has been ordered by the Health Department to leave his/her work environment, he/she will need to use their own appropriate leave.

    As a result of this change in process, effective January 3, 2023, Brunswick County Schools will no longer use or monitor the COVID19@bcswan.net email address.