• COVID-19 Leave Administration Updates from the Brunswick County Schools

    Effective 7/1/2023

    Due to the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency ending, Brunswick County Schools will be returning to our pre-pandemic process with respect to Contagious Disease Leave administration effective July 1, 2023. Below outlines this process:

    · If an employee is sick and unable to work, he/she should notify their supervisor, not come to work, and use their appropriate leave.

    · If an employee tests positive for COVID, he/she should follow the general guidance of their health care provider, the Health Department, or the CDC website's COVID guidance regarding when they should return to work.
    · The Health Department is no longer in a position to issue an order for employees to stay out of work due to COVID; however, employees are encouraged to follow the general guidance of their healthcare provider or the Health Department regarding when they should return to work.
    · The employee will be required to use their own available leave for the time they are out of work.
    · Contagious Disease Leave (CDL) will only be available to an employee if the Health Department determines that an intervention is necessary and issues an order to control the spread of contagious disease or to protect the health of an employee.