• Virginia Williamson Elementary School

    Parent Advisory Council (PAC)


    Amanda Parrish     Jonathan Hartman    Leighanne Formyduval     Katelyn Bledsoe

         Tabatha Bell     Helen Otto     Ellen Frasier    Sasha Porter





    PAC Responsibilities:

    1. Improve communication and understanding of public education in BCS
    2. Recommend policy and policy amendments
    3. Serve as the Community Advisory Council when the school is designated as a school site
    4. Assist in needs assessments and encourage volunteer participation in all programs
    5. Be informed of the school’s financial status
    6. Perform other duties as prescribed by BCS Board of Education
    7. Strengthen character education


    Contact:   vwespac@gmail.com


    “ It is always a great day to be a Stingray!”