Student Transfer Requests

  • Brunswick County Schools' policy 4150 allows reassignment of students under the following circumstances if space is available in the school requested: 

    (1) Student requires special services, programs, courses not available at his/her assigned school. 

    (2) Parents have changed residence within Brunswick County. This request is for the student to remain at the school where he/she is currently assigned for the remainder of the school year

    (3) Extreme and/or unusual circumstances, including hardship situations which may affect the student's physical, emotional, social, or mental welfare. A written description of reason should be provided. This statement must include any supporting documentation to explain the hardship. 

    (4) Parent is a Brunswick County Schools employee and prefers the student attend the school where he/she works. 

    ► A transfer is a privilege. Parents are expected to maintain a positive working relationship with the school. Principals may rescind the out-of-county approval of any student who does not maintain satisfactory grades, conduct, school attendance, and punctuality. Requests for transfer must be renewed annually.

    ► School bus transportation will not be provided for transfer students. The parent must provide the child's transportation to and from school. 

    To request a student transfer/reassignment, please complete the appropriate form below:

    PLEASE NOTE: If you have moved into a new school's district and need to enroll your student into their new assigned school, please click here. Transfer requests are required only if you are requesting your student attend a school other than the one to which they are assigned.


    For Brunswick County Residents: In-County Transfer Request Form

    For Non-Residents of Brunswick County: 2024-2025 Out-of-County Transfer Request/Release Form