• Literacy is the key that unlocks the future...




    "Today a Reader, Tomorrow a Leader" Resolution


    We believe that reading and writing are the keys to success in today’s fast paced, technological, and information rich world.  More information is available today than at any time in history and we have to be able to access it quickly.  In today’s society, students whose reading skills are underdeveloped will find it difficult to find success in school.


    Brunswick County’s reading initiative, "Today a Reader, Tomorrow a Leader" has two primary goals:


    1. Ensure that all students can read and comprehend at a competent level

    2. Help students develop a love of reading so they become life-long readers


    In addition to the many strategies our schools are employing to achieve these goals we have asked all parents to find time to read with or to their children for at least 20 minutes each day.  We know that “children are made readers on the laps of their parents.”  We also know that as children get older, reading time diminishes.  Please join all Brunswick County educators in helping all our students become “lovers of reading and life-long readers.”