• Graphic Design

    We offer customized creative services to help you create or complete attractive, functional publications. Please contact the Publications Department for assistance.  


    Offset Printing

    Offset printing uses a printing press, a complex machine that puts a printed impression on multiple media sources (i.e. business cards, letterhead, envelopes). 


    High-Speed Photocopying

    High-speed photocopying produces black copy similar to a laser printer. Copying can be reproduced from hard copy or electronic format. Photocopying may require some preparation, and our high-speed copier can collate multiple - page documents as they copy. This makes copying ideal for your booklets and handbooks. Also, please remove any staples before sending to Publications Department.


    Color Photocopying

    High-quality full color copying produces color copy similar to an ink-jet printer. Copying can be reproduced from hard copy or electronic format. Primary uses are for brochures, booklet covers, manuals, charts, or where color is necessary.



    The Publications Department offers various finishing services. They include 19-hole cerlox (plastic) binding, stapling, 3-hole punching, folding, cutting, and padding. Please contact the department with any questions you may have before submitting your order.


    Electronic Format Request

    The electronic document or file must be in either an Office Application or .PDF format. Please email all documents you want printed to jjohns@bcswan.net . If the Publications Department doesn't have the same fonts used in the file, you will be contacted of the fonts needed and will be responsible for sending them as an attachment via email.

    The types of folds we offer are: