Academic Support Services

  • It is our responsibility to educate each student in Brunswick County Schools. Formative assessment tools provide individual student performance information. With the knowledge that exists about the individual progress of each student in our system, we have the capacity and responsibility to design and implement effective instruction and targeted interventions to meet their needs. We also use this information to ensure curriculum is differentiated and challenging for gifted learners.

    Brunswick County Schools utilizes an intensive problem-solving process and pyramid of instruction/intervention to guide teachers and professional learning communities when students are struggling academically. If you have questions about your child's academic or social development, specialists are available to assist you.

  • Individual Student Teams

    When students are having academic or social difficulties, a multi-disciplinary team works collaboratively with the student and parent(s) to determine effective interventions. Because every child learns differently, the team may implement several interventions before finding the one that best fits the child's needs.

    The problem-solving process requires staff to collect and monitor the student's progress during the intervention period. If the intervention is successful, then the team moves forward. If the child does not respond to the intervention, additional strategies are tried until progress is made.

    If your child is involved in the problem-solving process, we encourage you to stay in close contact with their teacher and the Individual Student Team (IST). You are a very important part of this process.


    District Contact: Meredith Lloyd

  • Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS)

    Brunswick County Schools has entered the state cohort for the implementation of Multi-Tiered Systems of Support. MTSS is a framework which promotes school improvement through data-driven decision making for academic, behavioral, and social-emotional learning for all students. We are implementing MTSS so that EVERY child can reach his/her potential...whether he/she is a struggling reader or an advanced learner. Teaching is a collaborative system that meets every child where he/she is academically, behaviorally, and socially. Our schools are a microcosm of learners, each with different needs, experiences and levels of learning, but they each deserve the opportunity for success. Through fidelity, ownership, and dedication to every learner, BCS helps every child grow. This systems approach to educating the whole child and ensuring effective instruction is the foundation of MTSS.  


    District Contact: Dr. Karen Baker

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