School Health Advisory Committee

  • Brunswick County Schools is committed to providing all students with a comprehensive wellness program designed to encourage healthy eating, physical activity, and overall wellbeing. The program shall make effective use of school and community resources and equitably serve the needs and interests of all students and staff, taking into consideration differences in cultural norms.

  • DID YOU KNOW?  Brunswick County Schools has a School Health Advisory Council, also known as SHAC.  It's defined by NC Healthy Schools as “An advisory group composed of individuals selected primarily from the education and health segments of the community.  The group acts collectively to in providing advice to the school system on aspects of the school health programs.  The members of the council are appointed by the school system to advise the school system.”

    • BCS Policy 6140-Wellness Policy: “The council must include members of each of the following groups:  the school board, school system administrators, school system food service representatives, physical education teachers, school health professionals, students, parents or guardians, and the public.  The council will provide information to the board about the following areas or concerns:  (1) physical activity, (2) health education, (3) employee wellness, (4) health services, (5) social and emotional climate, (6) nutrition environment and services, (7) counseling, psychological, and social services, (8) physical environment, (9) family engagement, and (10) community involvement. “


    • SHAC is required to meet quarterly to discuss information on school health programs.  SHAC meeting dates for 2023-2024 are below:  
      October 9th - 8:30 am
      January 4th - 8:30 am
      March 18th - 8:30 am
      May 68th - 8:30 am
    • HEALTHY EATING VIDEOS: Students and staff created Health Eating videos during National School Lunch Week and they are adorable!  Click HERE to see the COAST's entry.  Click HERE to see Union Elementary's entry.  Click HERE to see Supply Elementary's entry. Click HERE to see West Brunswick High's entry.  Click HERE to see Southport Elementary's entry.  Click HERE to see Belville Elementary's entry.

SHAC Contact

  •  Wanda Willis

    Wanda J. Willis, RN, ADN, B. Ed, NCSN

    Brunswick County Schools Nurse Supervisor


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If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.