• Welcome to 7th Grade Math!

    This class requires focus in class and practice out of class.

    Attendance is crucial; each lesson will build off the previous day's instruction.

    If you need help, ask; I am always here to help you!

    Please contact me with any questions or concerns:  esloan@bcswan.net


    Grading Breakdown:

    10% Homework

    20% Classwork (CBM)

    30% Quizzes

    40% Tests


    *All tests and quizzes are now taken on USA Test Prep in class.  Students are able to make corrections immediately after the test and the higher grade is recorded in the gradebook.


    Homework is assigned almost daily!  Show ALL work in order to receive credit.
    Check Powerschool to see your grade and if you have any missing assignments.
    Students should bring their notebook to class every day.  This notebook is where we keep our notes from class.  Students should use their notebooks to help with homework.