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  • Course Description

    The Clean Energy Technology program is a four course set of Advanced Career (AC) CTE courses that focus on the development and operation of clean energy technologyies and the careers available for students within the energy sector. The courses within this program include:

    • Course 1: Clean Energy Systems
    • Course 2: Clean Energy Applications
    • Course 3: Clean Energy Strategies
    • Course 4: Clean Energy Innovations

     The CET courses are Project-Based, allowing students to engage in the research, design, development, testing, analysis, and communication of findings related to projects that address real-world issues. The course integrates the application of mathematics, science, research, and writing/communication skills with technical skills to create a true integrated STEM experience. 


    BCS Vision

    The Clean Energy Technology program represents an innovative step forward in preparing Brunswick County students for life after high school. Recognizing the need to reach students across the district, the Clean Energy Technology courses are offered to all BCS high school students. The course is located centrally (on the campus of Brunswick County Academy) and transportation is provided from students' home high schools to the course site. This allows students from across the district to come together to learn how to solve tomorrow's energy issues today. Furthermore, the program partners with local industry to ensure that BCS graduates are better prepared fill much needed careers in their own community.