• Counseling Updates

    Email your counselors with any questions.

    Michele Dixon: mdixon@bcswan.net

    Sharon Herring sherring@bcswan.net

    Jenny Moore: jemoore@bcswan.net


    College Entry Assessments

    ACT  registration online: www.act.org

    SAT  registration online: www.collegeboard.org            

    *OFFICIAL test scores are those you send 

    via your account to colleges*

    Awards’ Night Recognition for College Acceptance and Military Enlistment


    Submit a copy of your College acceptance letter or 

    enlistment to Mrs. Clewis in the counseling center. 

    Her email is eclewis@bcswan.net. 


    If you receive any awards/scholarships, and would like to be recognized on awards night,

    please bring in your award letter, and the contact information

    of the sponsor that is making the presentation, to Mrs. Clewis.

  • Scholarships/ Grants/ Loans


    College Parent Resource: 


    • FELS (Forgiveness Educations Loans for Service )-3.0 weighted gpa --receive college loans that are forgiven with each year that you work in the field in NC upon graduation in specified fields of study:

    • Allied Health program

    • Medical Programs-Doctorate only

    • Nursing Programs

    • Teaching Programs

    • Check www.cfnc.org for more information


    Keep checking the SBHS Counseling page for scholarship updates at:


    Scholarships by Month


    CFNC “Free” College application week

    NACAC FEE WAIVERS : If you applied on CFNC or COMMONAPP during College App Week and your colleges accept them. Mail them in.

    NC Lottery Scholarship

    Brunswick Guarantee Scholarship

    NC Teaching Fellows

    DAR Good Citizen Scholarship

    NCSU Parks Scholarship

    NCSU Goodnight Scholars Program

    NCSU Centennial Scholarship: The following Centennial Scholarships are annually awarded:

    ITT Centennial Scholarship – $95,500 over four years 

    $22,000 yearly for four years/1 awarded per year

    Kimbrell Centennial Scholarship – $87,500 over four years 

    $20,000 yearly for four years/1 awarded per year

    Centennial Scholarship – $67,500 over four years

    $15,000 yearly for four years/Up to 8 per year

    All Centennial Scholarship recipients will also receive $7,500

    in enrichment funds that can be used for study abroad, leadership programs, career and professional development opportunities or other approved enrichment activities. 


    Pythagoras Lodge #249 Scholarship- $1,000


    ATMC Scholarships $2000

    ATMC FRC Roger Alan Cox Memorial Scholarship $25000


    Matthew Grazaiedei Achievement Scholarship $1500

    NC 4H Developmental Scholarship

    Jerry McGee Scholarship

    UNC Chapel Hill’s Project Uplift, Uplift Plus, & NC Renaissance programs


    Surf Dreams Foundation Scholarship $1000

    Golden Leaf Need-based Scholarship

    SECU “People Helping People” $10,000

    Wilmington Road Runners Club Scholarship Program for Lower Cape Fear  Area High School Seniors

    BEMC Scholarship Highway

    NC Hospitality Educational Foundation For Culinary Students

    Eunice M Smith Nursing Scholarship $1000

    Douglas Family Scholarship For Military Children $5000

    African American Network-Carolina’s Scholarship

    UNC Chapel Hill’s The Light on the Hill Society Scholarships $2500

    Odell & Virginia Williamson Oratorical Scholarship Competition $2600

    Sencland MOAA Scholarship

    St. James Service Club Homer Wright Scholarship $1000-$2000

    Jackie Iler Memorial College Scholarship

    WAVES 4 K.I.D.S. Scholarship

    Knights of Columbus Scholarships $1000


    Oak Island Art Guild $1000

    State Employees Association of NC Merit-Based Scholarships

    Stephanie T. Palmer Scholarship $1000

    NC Bar Association Scholarship $500

    McLeod Health Foundations Sylvia Kitchen Memorial Nursing Scholarship

    Dosher Hospital Volunteers Health Sciences Education Grant $3000

    Sea Notes Society Scholarship $1000

    NC Scholarships for NC Residents $1000

    Margaret Annisa Green Memorial Awards for Asthma & Scholarship

    Oak Island Evangelical Presbyterian Church Lamar McKee Scholarship 

    Lincoln High School Alumni Association Scholarship $1000

    Southport Historical Society’s Susan Sellers Carson Scholarship $2000


    Sarah Whitmer Scholarship

    Judy Knox Nursing Scholarship $1000

    Fallen Lineman Foundation Scholarship $1000

    Mary Lewis Wiche Nursing Scholarship $5000


    NC Law Enforcement Association Program Awards