• Good evening Cougar Families, it's Marie Laboy, your principal, with this weeks' news.

    Tuesday night at 6:00 we will induct this year's new National Junior Honor Society members. The ceremony will be in the gym. Please sit on the bleachers, social distancing as much as possible.

    Wednesday is our Parent Advisory Committee meeting at 3:15 in the media center. If you have ideas for concerns, please feel free to email me at

    And in sports news: tomorrow Volleyball and Soccer is at Waccamaw, Wednesday at Cedar Grove, and Thursday here at home. Remember our home field for soccer is Smithfield Park. The cost for all events is $4.00.

    Math 1 has their NC Check In assessment on Thursday this week.

    Our Counselor, Ms. Pittman has spent countless hours creating an outdoor garden area for our school. The Kiwanis also spent a Saturday helping with materials and labor. We are so appreciative to have a space where our students can learn about gardening and work in the garden!

    That's it for tonight- please keep up with your student's progress by checking Power School each week.
    We look forward to a great week together- I hope to see you all soon!

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  • 11/07/2021 Sunday Call
    Good evening Cougar Families, if it's Sunday, it must be me, your Cougar Principal, Marie Laboy.
    As always, we have a lot going on this week. I know you just got report cards- but tomorrow is progress report time. We're sending them every 3 weeks this year to try to keep you more up to date. Also- I hope you are on Power School where you can check grades yourself!
    Tomorrow is picture make-up day, so if your student missed pictures, tomorrow is the day!
    This week we have Make-Up testing for those who missed the NC Check Ins- our first round of state assessments in Reading, Math, and 8th grade Science.
    Open Gym for girls basketball is tomorrow from 3-5 pm. Girls who meet eligibility requirements are welcome to stay for open gym. Make sure rides are at school at 5:00.
    We have Volleyball and Soccer tomorrow at Leland, and home Wednesday- remember our home field for Soccer is Smithfield park. Tickets are $4.00, and the easiest way to pay is through the GoFan app.
    If your child has been in ISS or OSS, our new rule is that a parent/guardian must accompany him/her to after school events and stay with the student throughout the event. Otherwise, the student cannot attend after school events. Behavior has celebrations or consequences, so this is a new consequence. Behave at school, pass classes- all doors are open to you!
    Speaking of behavior- buses are part of school, where safety is our primary concern. Students who cannot behave on a bus will lose the privilege of bus transportation. The bus is a privilege, not a right.
    This Is a LOT about behavior tonight. We need family support so that ALL our students can attend classes and learn. Some students are struggling to understand that Brunswick County Schools and South Middle have expectations for learning and behavior, and without one, the other doesn't seem to occur. So PLEASE set these same expectations for your student; we must work together.
    Ok- this is a 3-day week with a lot packed into these 3 days- let's make them great days at school!
    Thank you for your continued support, and we hope to see you soon.
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  • Good evening Cougar Families, this is your principal, Marie Laboy. There is no school for students tomorrow so our teachers can attend professional development sessions as part of their continuous learning!
    That means TUESDAY is the first day of the second quarter. Students should take the opportunity to check backpacks, notebooks, get school supplies organized- get ready to start the quarter strong!

    Soccer and Volleyball tryouts begin Tuesday, and of course you know by now that in order to try out, students must have passed 5 classes including ALL CORE classes, have the physical and concussion form on file BEFORE being allowed at tryouts.

    Our Parent Advisory Committee meets this Wednesday. If you have ideas to share, please email them to me and we'll add them to our agenda.

    As I've been mentioning, some of our students have been less than kind to others and making poor choices at school. Bullying hurts everyone. Disrespect hurts everyone. Destruction of school property hurts everyone. Let our kids know what school is for and how they need to behave to be successful! We ask your support in reviewing both your and our expectations for behavior and citizenship.

    Thank you, and have a great week!

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  • Students interested in trying out for wrestling, please complete the attached form.  Wrestling Tryouts

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    This week we welcomed our new assistant principal, Mr. Benjamin Thomas. Mr. Thomas joins us from North Brunswick High School. We are sure happy to have him with us!

    7th grade vaccines and new enrollment documents are due by Tuesday 9/21, so if you have a student in need of vaccines, please make sure they are turned in by Tuesday.

    Look for tickets this week for a quacktastic way you can support the PTA school fundraiser, Cougar Duck Dash. The bigger the support, the bigger the awards! There are levels for prizes to be earned by students. The top selling homeroom for each grade level will win a Chic fit la lunch. Don’t miss this fun event and plan to watch the race LIVE!

    Soccer is home tomorrow (Smithfield Park) and away Thursday. Bring a chair since there aren't any bleachers. Football is at Cedar Grove on Tuesday, and Cross Country has a meet Wednesday at Town Creek. All tickets are $4.00 and can be purchased through the app or cash at the door. Please try to bring $4. exactly to keep our change making to a minimum!

    We've had vandalism of our bathrooms this past week, and of our cougar benches around the building, as well as some students misbehaving on the bus. This is extremely disappointing. There is no instructional time to lose, and inappropriate behavior impacts all of us. Please have a conversation about appropriate behavior at school and on the bus.


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  • Good evening Cougar Family, this is your principal, Marie Laboy.
    We will hit the ground running tomorrow with progress reports going home. Please review the report with your student, sign it, and send it back on Tuesday. It's a great time to check your access to the PowerSchool Parent Portal, where you can keep up with your student's progress daily!!
    Girls soccer plays at Cedar Grove tomorrow, Town Creek Middle on Wednesday, and home against Waccamaw on Thursday.
    Football is away against Town Creek on Tuesday.
    Cross Country runs at West Brunswick High School On Wednesday.
    Our Parent Advisory Council meets Wednesday at 3:30. Contact Mr. Thad Cable or me with any concerns you'd like us to address!

    That's it for now, except for the most important part- we want to keep our students safe, so masks are mandatory at all times in the building, and we want to keep them learning, so we expect our students to fully engage in their schoolwork. There is NO time to waste!

    Have a great night, and I hope to see you all soon!

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  • Good evening Cougar Families,  this is your principal, Marie Laboy.  I hope you all enjoyed this beautiful 3 day weekend!


    THIS week is SPIRIT Week as we begin our first home games.  Cross Country runs Wednesday at Leland Pak. Tuesday girls soccer plays at Smithfield park at 4:00.  All our home soccer games will be at Smithfield Park until our field is in better condition. Thursday they play at Town Creek Middle.   Our first football game is Wednesday at the SBHS football field, at 4:00. All students need to go home and then return from home for sporting events.  They cannot just walk to the high school and wait for a game. There is an entrance fee of $4.00 cash or on  the GoFan app for sporting events.


    Back to Spirit Week:   tomorrow is TWIN day, Wednesday- rock School Spirit by wearing your Cougar shirts or blue, Thursday is Decade Day, and Friday- dress as your favorite sports team or movie character (all within dress code of course!!


    The Brunswick County health department will be at South Brunswick Middle School on 9/9/21 to administer the required immunizations for 7th grade to those students with completed parent permission forms.  These include Tdap and Meningococcal vaccine. The optional HPV vaccine will also be offered.  All forms need to be turned into the school by 9/8/21. For any questions please contact your school nurse at 


    Progress reports are being sent every 3 weeks, with the first one going home this Friday.  We don’t have many grades to report yet, but we want to keep you updated.  If you have not come to claim your Parent Portal password for PowerSchool, please stop by school with a photo id so we can make sure you have access to your child’s progress.  


    And finally, student safety is our first priority. 

    • Masks are non-negotiables.  Anyone entering our building must wear a mask inside.
    • Parent drop off and pick up are in the car rider line only.  Students should not walk between the middle and high school to meet rides, nor are students to be picked up in the staff parking lot.  
    • A photo ID is required to check out a student during the school day.
    • Physical, verbal or electronic bullying is NEVER ok. 
    • Cell phones must be off and in the backpack during the school day.  

    Your willingness to support school and county policy shows respect for your child’s education.


    Thank you all, and we hope to see you soon!

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  • Our School Improvemtn Plan can be accessed at:

    GuestS15320   PW GuestS15320

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  •  Parents, please complete the acknowledgement form of the Chromebook Initiative and technology policies.

    Chromebook Acknowledgment Link

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  • Career Development in Middle School - a letter to parents

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  • TSI Letter to Families

     en Español

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Upcoming Events

Welcome to South Brunswick Middle School!



    Welcome to the SBMS family!

    On behalf of our faculty, I want to welcome all our students and families to South Brunswick Middle School.  It's 2nd quarter already, and we are busy at school every day!

    We have a full sports schedule right now, with Boys Soccer and Volleyball seasons underway.

    Basketball and Wrestling Tryouts begin December 1st.  Don't forget that students wanting to try out for a sport must have a sports physical and a completed concussion form on file to attend tryouts. Students must also have passed 5 out of 6 courses for the quarter, including ALL CORE SUBJECTS in order to try out.  And yes, to represent our school on a team, behavior and character count.  

    At this time the BCS Board of Education has made mask wearing OPTIONAL at our schools.  If numbers of students positive or quarantined rises too high, masks will become mandatory again.  MASKS ARE STILL MANDATORY ON ALL SCHOOL BUSES!

    Students need to bring a water bottle with a twist on top to school each day. All drinking fountains have been replaced with bottle filling stations.  We started the year by providig a water bottle for each student;  it's amazing that students don't have a water bottle at school. The waste of paper cups is astounding.  Students need to bring a water bottle to school. 

    We have started a Reading elective and Math tutoring for students.   So, although students were assigned electives at the beginning of the year, one of the electives may have changed after beginning of the year assessments.  We will review data again at the semester and assign students for second semester. This is so that our students have the support they need to be successful in their learning. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at   We are also in search of a Math Intervention teacher- so if you know of a certified teacher who wants to come to work and help our students in Math, have them contact me!

    We have over 100 students who have failed one or more classes first quarter.  This is unacceptable as most work is done in class, and our teachers offer assistance to any student needing it.   When we analyzed this data, the primary reason for failures is lack of work turned in.  Students cannot pass without putting forth the effor and doing the work.

    Oftentimes grades and discipline go hand in hand.  That is why we expect our students to focus on their work and respect themselves and others, so that everyone has the opportunity to learn.  

    On the flip side, we have approximately 200 students who earned A or A/B Honor Roll.  These students put school first and are willing to work at their learning.  Job well done!!!

    The substitute teacher shortage is real!   If you are interested in becoming a substitute teacher, please visit the BCS webpage and see how to apply.  WE NEED YOU!


    I love seeing all our students each morning, and now, I can even see some of their faces!


    Cougar hugs,

    Marie Laboy, your Cougar Principal




    The vision of SBMS is to create a nurturing learning community that empowers all students to be lifelong learners by supporting their academic, emotional, and social development so they can compete and contribute in a global society.

    SBMS will continue to create a safe, productive learning environment that enables each individual to reach his or her greatest potential through ample opportunities to excel.

     To achieve this mission students will:

    • Be accountable
    • Be prepared
    • Be respectful 
    • Be compassionate
    • Be self-motivated

     As a dedicated middle school staff we will:

    • Be accountable
    • Be prepared
    • Be respectful and compassionate
    • Be intentional with rigorous instruction 
    • Be engaged with family and community

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