• Dropout Prevention

    The dropout prevention/driver’s license bill is House Bill 769. This bill is intended to prevent students from dropping out


                                                AN ACT TO PROVIDE THAT CERTAIN STUDENTS

                                         WHO DROP OUT OF  SCHOOL OR DO NOT MAKE PROGRESS

                                              TOWARD GRADUATION SHALL NOT BE ELIGIBLE FOR

                                                         DRIVERS PERMITS OR LICENSES.


    Persons covered under this law

                  Anyone attending public school, nonpublic school, home school, charter school or  community college


    Getting and Revoking License

    In section 1 (n) (1) a of this bill, a student must be currently  enrolled in school and making progress toward obtaining a high school diploma or its equivalent


    In section 2 (c1) A permit or license will be revoked for anyone under the age of 18 if the school alerts the division that the person no longer meets the requirements of the driver’s eligibility certificate


    Getting a license back

     A revoked license will last until the person’s 18th birthday. A license can be restored before the 18th birthday if one of the following is submitted to the division:

    • A high school diploma or its equivalent
    • A driver’s eligibility certificate
    • In addition a student must pass at least 70% of the maximum of possible courses each semester.