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    For AM students: You will take a bus from your house straight to the COAST in the morning. At the end of your first two periods (approximately 10:15 am), you will be escorted to a bus that will transport you to your home high school for lunch and your afternoon classes.

    For PM students: You will take a bus from your home high school at mid-day and be transported to the COAST. At the end of the day, you will take a bus from the COAST to your home.

    Your home school Assistant Principal in charge of transportation will be able to provide you your bus information.

    North: Ben Thomas, 910.371.2261, bthomas@bcswan.net

    South: Susan Burns, 910.845.2203, burs@bcswan.net

    West: Michael Stanley, 910.754.4338, michael_stanley@bcswan.net

    Additionally, bus information should be available on the BCS School Bus Transportation page. 

    Car Riders/Drivers:

    The COAST will honor parking passes from home high schools. Students may park along the edge nearest the road of the front parking lot. Parents may choose to pick up/drop off students as they would at home high schools (per the COAST school day schedule). The COAST follows all BCS policies regarding appropriate pick ups and drop offs, and students may not leave campus with anyone not on their PowerSchool Contact pick up list, per BCS Policy 4210

    Cell Phones:

    Students will be expected to follow their individual teachers policy of cell phones/electronics in the classroom.

    The policy can be read further via the COAST Student Handbook (available soon).

     COAST Schedule: 

    COAST Schedule

    7:35 am to 7:50 am

    Breakfast and Student Arrival

    7:55 am to 9:05 am

    1st Period COAST CTE Classes

    9:10 am to 10:15 am

    2nd Period COAST CTE Classes

    12:00 pm to 1:35 pm

    3rd Period COAST CTE Classes

    1:40 pm to 3:10 pm

    4th Period COAST CTE Classes

    Friday: Dismissal at 2:50 pm


    AM students: Will have access to the breakfast provided on campus. Their midday bus will take them back to their home school for lunch.

    PM students: School lunch will be provided either at their home school or upon arrival at the COAST, depending upon each school’s needs.

    Schedule Changes and Requests:

    Students must speak to their home high school School Counselor and/or Career Development Facilitator (CDF) to request COAST classes and/or change their schedules. The COAST Counselor is unable to change schedules, but is here to help answer questions about classes, and provide appropriate social and emotional support to students in the building.

    North Brunswick High School

    Counseling Website


    NBHS Counselor by Student’s Last Name


    A – G

    Belinda Greene


    H – N

    Kristina Lazzari- Oliver


    O – Z

    Dr. Barretta Smith


    Special Populations/CDF

    Maggie Jones



    South Brunswick High School

    Counseling Website


    SBHS Counselor by Student’s Last Name


    A – G

    Michele Dixon


    H – Q

    Sharon Herring


    R – Z

    Jenny Moore


    Special Populations/CDF

    Esther Eisenstein



    West Brunswick High School

    Counseling Website


    WBHS Counselor by Student’s Last Name


    A – D

    Sheila Sheats


    E – K

    Megan Hardy


    L – R

    Nathan Bell


    S – Z

    Lakiesha Dennis


    Special Populations/CDF

    Ashley Speckman



    Testing schedule will be announced closer to test dates (May 21 – 28, 2020). Students will receive a handout in class with the test schedule, and it will be posted to this website as well.

    The COAST testing schedule is always created in collaboration with North, South and West Brunswick High School’s testing schedules. For some students, this may mean a change in a bus pick up or drop off during testing. Home high school Assistant Principal’s will be able to assist with bus information.