• A/B Day Plan Presentation


    The A/B Day Plan was presented at the Board of Education August 10, 2020 Board Meeting.  The plan divides students into two groups, a Cohort 'A' and Cohort 'B' and will begin September 21, 2020, after the initial school year start of 100% remote learning.  

    Cohort 'A' will have face to face instruction two days a week(Mon/Tues) and remote instruction the remaining 3 days. 
    Cohort 'B' will have two days instruction(Th/Fri) and the remaining 3 days will be remote instruction. 

    Factors to consider when placing students in A/B groups: Sibling Matching for A or B, Transportation Efficiency, Balanced Class Size, Student Demographics.

    ⚠️ Please note, those who signed up for the 100% remote learning option by Thursday, July 23, at 8am deadline will continue remote learning for the entire first semester of the school year.