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  • Colonel Baker's Intro Blog

    Posted by Battalion S-5 on 9/10/2020 11:25:00 AM

    Baker’s Blog

    As we sprint into a busy new year, I want to take a moment to welcome and thank all family and friends of the Scorpion Battalion for your efforts and commitment to the JROTC Program.  On behalf of 1SG Williams and our new instructor 1SG Larry Dennis, we are motivated to start this year strong and similarly get the new academic year off to a great start as we continue to celebrate our progress over the last year despite the curveball that COVID-19 has thrown at us all.  We have a lot to adjust to and patience will be key for success as we get back to learning and eventually get back to class this fall.  Our first Parent’s Association Meetings have been on hold, however, we will likely conduct a virtual meeting later in SEP or OCT.  Look for updates on the BandApp or on the JROTC DEPT website.  

    As is the case every year, we can’t accomplish anything without the caring support of our great parent’s and our parent’s association – thank you.  With a healthy and motivated crop of new cadets including freshman and transfers there will be a lot of learning as we fight through the challenges of remote teaching this first semester.  With the support and effort of our cadet leaders, we look to improve each cadet’s growth and development towards becoming a better cadet and a better citizen!

    A couple of reminders as we prepare for the new academic year.  If you have not already done so, please consider supporting our JROTC program by linking your VIC Card at Harris Teeter.  For those who shop there, the Together in Education Program provides cash directly for our program simply by linking your VIC card to our code #8704 at checkout.  There is no cost to you and we gain a small contribution from Harris Teeter based on the amount you purchase.  The program resets every year in July, however, so those who linked their VIC card previously will need to do it again in August, please.  Last year we have amassed only $500 which was one of the lowest amounts raised in many years.  These funds are used to buy down the cost of unreimbursed expenses and provided various other direct benefits to our cadets.  Our other major fund raiser this year will be announced shortly and although many of our normal activities this semester may not occur, we do not want to be limited by funding to participate next semester, assuming we are permitted to do so.  Many thanks in advance for your support.    

    We are all excited about the start of the school year and all the promise that it offers despite the challenges it also brings.  Highlights of our upcoming events include the virtual 911 Ceremony which will be posted on our JROTC Website on 911.  Please review the BN Website and calendar of events for these events as it is updated frequently to reflect changes as we start to return to a new normal.  As that occurs, please get involved in extra-curricular activities either with JROTC or elsewhere in the school.  One of the few activities that is continuing right now is the JROTC Cyber Patriot team, which is starting its first year of remote competition.  Remember – you are writing your post-high school resume right now!  Make it a good one!  

    With this backdrop, we are poised to start another outstanding year of growth and development focused on adhering to the Army Values of Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage.   Likewise we will continue to strive to Be Respectful, Be Resilient, and Be Relentless in everything that we do – BR3!  Thanks for taking the journey with us and let’s make it a journey that we will relish and remember fondly in reflection. 

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  • 2020 Staff Intro Newsletters

    Posted by Battalion S-5 on 9/10/2020 11:20:00 AM

    Jayda Rascoe, Battalion Commander:

    My name is Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Jayda Rascoe. I am the Scorpion Battalion Commander. I am a junior, and I have been in the program since my freshman year. My job is to oversee the whole battalion. I am so honored and excited to be placed in the position that I am. For this school year, I have some expectations for the program and cadets. First, I expect to make this program better, but I cannot do that without the help of everyone. Next, I expect, for myself as well as every cadet to always try their best in every class, that means academics as well as behavior. Something you will hear very often in JROTC is that you are always a JROTC cadet. No matter what you are wearing and no matter what class you are in. We expect every cadet to represent the program well. Another big thing for me is respect. Trust me, I know the instructors as well as other cadets can be very frustrating at times. But no matter how frustrated you get I expect you to respect everyone, regardless of their rank. Just a small piece of advice to the freshman, this is an important year for you. This is the year that you set a pathway for the rest of high school. Strive to constantly be better, do your work to the best of your ability. Most importantly, do not get tied up in drama, it is not worth your time. Focus on being a better you. I am looking forward to getting to know you all. I’m ready for a fantastic year in JROTC. 


    Joshua Stine, Battalion Executive Officer: 

    Hello! I am Cadet Major Joshua Stine, Scorpion Battalion Executive Officer for this school year. Essentially, I am second-in-command under C/LTC Rascoe. I have been in the JROTC program at North for three years, and I am planning on staying in the program for my senior year. 

    As the Executive Officer, also known as XO, I supervise and work with the battalion staff to ensure that the Scorpion Battalion remains operational and successful. I also communicate with the Company Commanders and the Company Executive Officers so they are informed and successful as well, and I occasionally lead special events such as Military Ball. 

    As JROTC cadets, we all have a duty to act as leaders and influencers. You are not a JROTC cadet only when you are in class, you are a JROTC cadet 24/7. Therefore, I expect and encourage all cadets, especially new cadets, to ALWAYS do their best. This year is perhaps the most stressful year we have gone through, however, now is the best time to think about what choices you are making, what choices you are going to make, and how all of your decisions, ESPECIALLY the small decisions, can impact your future and the future of those around you. Do not let stress, lethargy, emotions, or even other people inhibit your ability to make smart choices and to be the best person you can be. I look forward to meeting everyone (hopefully in person) and I am excited to see how this year will progress!


    Parker Lundy, Battalion Command Sergeant Major: 

    I am Commander Sergeant Major Parker Lundy. I am the highest-ranking non-commissioned officer in the battalion. I control the upper enlisted in the battalions and take lead on our service-learning project. My goal for the year is to keep moving forward and set up future cadets to be able to succeed and progress the battalion. I am looking forward to having a successful year in JROTC. 


    Elizabet Rios, S-1:

    Hello, I’m Cadet Captain Elizabet Rios. I am the Scorpion Battalion S-1. I work very hard to not get yelled at, but it's a very important job. I know it’s very complicated and frustrating that we do not get to see each other in person but you have to hold on and cooperate with everyone. This is my senior year and I plan on enjoying every bit of it. For the rising freshman, you are the new faces for North Brunswick as we seniors leave and go into adult life, you should enjoy every bit of time because high school is to enjoy the last moments that we have as a teen. Do your work to the best of your ability and be responsible for your actions. I am looking forward to having a great year in JROTC.


    Andrew Powers, S-2:

    Hi, my name is Andrew Powers and I am the Scorpion Battalion S-2. My job is to make sure everything is in stock for use and to make sure everything is kept in the proper location. Some expectations I have for the school year is every cadet behaves and does well in school. Also, to make sure we set the standards of well-behaved students. Finally, I hope everyone will have fun in JROTC like I do. 


    Grace Gibbins, S-3:

    Hello, I am Cadet Major Grace Gibbins and I am the Battalion S-3. As S-3 I handle organizing trips, handling permission forms, planning our annual tri-meet and many more things during a normal school year. This year due to Covid-19 I do not get to do all of that. Instead I am mainly working on the calendar for the year, training schedules for each LET level, and keeping track of all virtual forms we use this year. While this year is going to be very different than past school years I am excited to get to know all of you!


    Diana Navarro, S-4:

    Hello, my name is Cadet Captain Diana Navarro and I am the battalion S-4 for this school year. My duty as the S-4 is to issue uniforms and any other article in the supply room as well as overseeing and managing the purchase log and document register for JROTC. I am currently a junior and have been in the program since my freshman year. I have a couple of expectations for this school year regarding uniforms. I will be expecting to make issuing uniforms a lot easier and quicker for everyone. All the cadets in the program have been through that long process of getting uniforms and know how tiring it can be. An expectation I have for you as a JROTC cadet and NBHS student is for you to keep track of all of your pieces and articles once they are issued to you. Another expectation I have is for everyone to voice any issues with uniforms on time and efficiently. Having a problem with your uniform is normal whether that consists of needing a change in size or a new piece we are all willing to help if you voice the concern with time before an inspection or anytime we wear the uniform. This makes having uniforms and uniform days a lot easier for everyone. We are all aware of how different the circumstances will be this year but we can try and make the best of the situation and continue to grow and prosper as a battalion! I am not sure if or when I will be seeing you this school year but I am excited to meet you all! 


    Delaney Larson, Assistant S-5:

    Hello, I'm Cadet First Lieutenant Delaney Larson and I’m the Scorpion Battalion Assistant S-5 for this school year. I am a Junior this year and this will be my third year in the program. My responsibilities as the Assistant S-5 is to keep the JROTC website updated as often as possible while adding new information for any cadets that need it. I will be working with the S-5 Cadet Captain Dulce Ruiz this year to help maintain the website. Expectations this year are to make it easier to find anything on the website while keeping it organized. We want incoming cadets to be able to access information from the website and hopefully it will answer questions or concerns they might have.


    Solomon Smith, S-6:

    Hi, I’m Cadet Captain Solomon Smith, and I’m the Scorpion Battalion S-6. I’ll be working closely with Cadet Command Sergeant Major Parker Lundy on this year’s service-learning project. Also, I’ll be the go-to guy for Cyberpatriots and Robotics. I know these are uncertain times, but I still have very high hopes. I’m expecting a great year for both Cyberpatriots and Robotics, as well as an amazing virtual service-learning project. Let’s make this year a great one!

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