Welcome! We appreciate your interest in substitute teaching for Brunswick County Schools. When the teacher is absent, it is imperative to have an effective substitute teacher in the classroom. Information concerning the process for being approved to substitute teach is outlined below.

    Before applying, please be sure to CAREFULLY READ all information.



    • Hold a current or expired teaching license from any State


    • Hold an Associate’s Degree or at least 48 semester hours of college credits


    • Completion of an Effective Teacher Training Course                                                 


    • Completion of 96 documented continuing education hours earned AFTER January 8, 2002 AND passing WorkKeys assessment scores on Workplace Documents (reading), business writing and applied mathematics. Passing scores are a 4 in reading and math, and a 3 in business writing. All of this information must be confirmed by official documentation from the agency which you earned the hours and took the assessments. (WorkKeys assessments can be taken a local community colleges)


    • Completion of an Effective Teacher Training Course



    1.   All applicants must complete our online application and upload a copy of their transcripts or teaching license (whichever is applicable). Applications will be considered incomplete without copies of transcripts and/or teaching license and will not be processed. Click here to apply. You will also need to upload your completion certificate from step 2 below.

    2.    In order to ensure our substitutes are fully prepared for the classroom, Brunswick County Schools requires completion of an Effective Teacher Training program. This program is offered at local community colleges. For a list of locations that offer this program click here.

    Completion of Effective Substitute Teacher Training does not guarantee employment.

    3.     Once Steps 1 and 2 above have been successfully completed, please contact one of our schools to request an interview with a school administrator. You only need to interview with, and be recommended by, one school. 

    4.     After a successful interview, the principal will submit a recommendation to Human Resources. Once processed through Human Resources, you will be eligible to substitute at all district schools.  

    After the interview, please regularly check the email account that you put on your application as this is the email address where we will contact you.       

    5.    Once Human Resources receives the recommendation from a school, you will be sent forms via email which must be completed electronically. If the background check is successful, you will be set up in the substitute system and will receive an email to set up your account to start accepting jobs.

    *Note that the review and approval of each application will take several days. Once the above steps have been completed, you will be approved by the Board of Education. You will not be officially hired until approved by the Board but may begin working prior to this time as long as your background check has cleared.




    Daily rate for a substitute that holds a current or expired teaching license from NC or any other state and Interns who hold a pending completion letter. A person who had a provisional license that has expired does not qualify. Permit to Teach or Emergency License does not qualify for the certified substitute teacher rate.


    Daily rate for a substitute that has completed the Effective Teacher Training Program as evidenced by an “award of completion” and has been fully hired by the Human Resources department.


    The pay dates and associated time periods for substitute teachers are documented on the “Traditional (10 & 11 Month) Payroll Schedule” (Click here to access it). Checks are direct deposited into your bank account.

    All BCS substitutes are required to actively accept jobs and work each school year.  The Substitute Employee Management System (Frontline/Aesop) tracks all substitute employment. At the end of each school year, all substitutes will be inactivated. Only substitutes who have been recorded as having worked during the most recent school year via the Aesop system and payroll will be reactivated. Substitutes who remain inactivated due to inactivity will have to complete the hiring process again when they become available to work.  

    Still have questions about becoming a substitute teacher? Email us at substitutes@bcswan.net