• Good  evening Cougar Families, it's Marie Laboy, your Principal.  Testing week is here.   All students need to be at school all day every day so that everyone can complete the End of Grade testing in a timely manner.  Students who do not come to school still have to take the test, and for most students it is more comfortable to test in the regular testing environment.  Additionally, students MUST be in homeroom BY 7:40 on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.   so testing can begin promptly.  If students arrive late they will not be allowed to test until AFTER the regular testing is finished for the day. Once testing begins students will not be released until the test is complete each day. That should be around 12-1:00. Math for all grades is Tuesday, Reading Wednesday, and Science Thursday.   Please plan accordingly.

    We have some students who have decided that they will not follow the school and county expectations for behavior and respect for staff, students, and our building.  We want all students in class, but we cannot allow those few students to impede the instruction of others, so if your student cannot behave, expect that he/she will be removed from the classroom environment.  The last day of school is May 26th, and the rules stay the same each day.  We ask your support so that we don't have to disrupt your day with a call to come collect your child.

    Let's work together to finish the year strong.  I hope to see you soon!


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  • All South Brunswick Middle School EOGs will take place the week of May 16-20.  Please ensure that your student attends school daily and arrives on time (no later than 7:40) each morning.

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  • Summer Bridge for Rising 9th Graders

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  • Summer Bridge for rising 6th graders

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  • Our School Improvemtn Plan can be accessed at:

    GuestS15320   PW GuestS15320

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  •  Parents, please complete the acknowledgement form of the Chromebook Initiative and technology policies.

    Chromebook Acknowledgment Link

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  • Career Development in Middle School - a letter to parents

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  • TSI Letter to Families

     en Español

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Welcome to South Brunswick Middle School!



    Welcome to the SBMS family!

    On behalf of our faculty, I want to welcome all our students and families to South Brunswick Middle School.  We're full into our 4th and final quarter, and End of Grade testing begins Tuesday, May 17th! Students need to be at school by 7:40 and stay until testing is complete for the day.  Students who arrive late will not begin their testing until the regular session is complete.  It is VERY important to have your student at school this week. He/She needs to be ready to show that he/she has mastered the grade level curriculum. EVERY student must take these tests.

    The last day of school for students is May 26.   

    Students need to bring a water bottle with a twist on top to school each day. All drinking fountains have been replaced with bottle filling stations.  We started the year by providing a water bottle for each student;  it's amazing that students don't have a water bottle at school. The waste of paper cups is astounding.  Students need to bring a water bottle to school. 

    Oftentimes, grades and discipline go hand in hand.  That is why we expect our students to focus on their work and respect themselves and others, so that everyone has the opportunity to learn.  We cannot continue to ignore students who choose to disrupt the learning of others and the teacher's instruction.  These few students will be removed from class so everyone else can learn.  Help us by reinforcing the expectations for behavior at school.  They have not changed. We will call you to collect your student if he/she does not comply with expectations. 

    Please check Powerschool this week and ask to see your student's Google Classroom where assignments are posted.  Ask to SEE the assignment that was turned in.  Some students turn in empty assignments; can you believe that?  Checking on your student's work completion is completely acceptable in middle school!  We want them to eventually become independent, but they do still need  your supervision at this age.  

    The substitute teacher shortage is real!   If you are interested in becoming a substitute teacher, please visit the BCS webpage and see how to apply.  WE NEED YOU!

    Cougar hugs,

    Marie Laboy, your Cougar Principal




    The vision of SBMS is to create a nurturing learning community that empowers all students to be lifelong learners by supporting their academic, emotional, and social development so they can compete and contribute in a global society.

    SBMS will continue to create a safe, productive learning environment that enables each individual to reach his or her greatest potential through ample opportunities to excel.

     To achieve this mission students will:

    • Be accountable
    • Be prepared
    • Be respectful 
    • Be compassionate
    • Be self-motivated

     As a dedicated middle school staff we will:

    • Be accountable
    • Be prepared
    • Be respectful and compassionate
    • Be intentional with rigorous instruction 
    • Be engaged with family and community

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