Our goals are:

    • ensure effective involvement of all parents of participating children and to support the partnership between other school community stakeholders (school administration and staff, Parent Association and School Improvement Team)

    • provide information to parents of participating students regarding issues, and in consultation with other parents to bring questions, concerns, and ideas regarding related issues to the attention of school staff, administration and other schol community stakeholders.


    Membership Guidelines:

    Membership will be limited to a minimum of 5 members, preferably with a parent representative from each grade. At the beginning of each school year, a welcome letter via email from the Parent Advisory Council shall inform eligible parents of the PAC and shall encourage their participation.  


    Meeting Dates:

    Meetings take place on the first Monday of the month, typically at 6:00 pm.


    Current Members: 

    Renee Adams

    Sheilah Brown

    Stephanie Bumgarner

    Thad Cable

    Randy Moffitt

    Heather Phelps

    Melissa Sherrod



    If you wish to contact  PAC, the email address is SBHSPACBoard@gmail.com