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  • What is the tax impact of the bond on the citizens of Brunswick County?

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    It is important to remember that continued growth is likely to have a positive impact on the economy and Brunswick County’s ability to maintain a low tax rate.  But consider this…the tax increase that COMBINES the remaining debt on the 1999 school bond with the new debt from the  $152 million school dollar bond on a home valued at $200,000 is estimated to be $80.20 cents a year, $6.68 a month, or $1.54 each week.  Another way to think of it is the cost of a Sunday newspaper, one cheap cup of coffee, or a bottle of water each week. 

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  • We are excited to recommend a comprehensive multi-step plan that will improve and enhance the educational experiences and outcomes for our students. This plan is grounded in the following beliefs: 

    • Public schools are an integral part of the economic bedrock of our community and play a vital role in our community’s long term growth and viability;
    • School bonds are not just about building new buildings and facility improvements;
    • Learning environments and the conditions within these learning environments dramatically impact school climate and student outcomes;
    • Learning environments must be rich in technology, science and career/technical education laboratories, and collaborative work spaces that foster creativity, communication, and critical thinking;
    • Ongoing professional development, modeling, and coaching is necessary for all instructional staff to shift to more collaborative, project based lesson design and learning experiences for our students;
    • Interior learning environments must be conducive for staff to execute collaborative, project-based instructional design;
    • Extracurricular experiences which include the arts and athletics are important components of a comprehensive educational program.

    This plan is the result of work that began with the 2012 Facility Master Plan Study and reflects the views of community leaders, students, teachers, parents, and school leaders.  A comprehensive demographic study has been conducted.  The data from this study is driving the decisions contained within the plan with regard to construction of new schools or additions to existing schools.  

    Step 1 of our comprehensive improvement plan is successful passage of the November 8, 2016 School Bond. The cost of implementation of the projects outlined in this document is $152 million and is accomplished in 3 phases over the next 10 years.  Brunswick County is the 2nd fastest growing county in North Carolina and the 38th fastest growing county in the nation!  Continued growth is likely to have a positive impact on the county's economy and ability to maintain a low tax rate.

    Our school system is a shining example of what’s working in public education.  We are proud of our students, staff, families, and community.  From the first day of kindergarten through commencement, we are focused on producing career and college ready graduates. We are asking for our community’s continued support in helping us take the necessary steps to move our system toward our goal of providing a world-class education to every student who walks through our doors. 


    Leslie K. Tubb, COL (R), Superintendent



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