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     The Football seasons official start is August 16th. Practice will be right after school. Please refer to the monthly schedule below. Please make sure you have a completed concussion form and have handed in a physical form or confirm you have one on file. If you need a physical or concussion form, have your athlete ask Coach Anderson or any of the assistants for one. Your athlete will need cleats, shorts/sweats and a shirt the first day. First two days are helmet only, practices 3-5 full pads but no body to body contact and then practices 6-8 full pads and full contact. Must have 8 practices to be eligible for games.

    We will have two optional workout dates on August 10th and 12th from 3-4:30. Please meet at the front of the school and make sure you have a physical and concussion form. Athletes will need cleats/tennis shoes, water and a mask for these.

    Practice may include but not limited to conditioning, weights, yoga and flexibility, as well as standard practice drills. 


    Please see Game and Practice Schedules at the bottom of the page!
    Please also join our 21 LMS Football remind group @cha6g4 and share your athletes name!

    Head Coach: Nate Anderson

    Assistant Coaches: Brian Smith, Sytke Bryant 



    Start Date: August 16th, 2021

  • Football Roster 2021 - 2022


    Albertson, John
    Aragon, Melvin
    Arone, Christopher
    Ballard, Xzavier
    Bledsoe, Jadyn
    Bouldin, Justin
    Braddy, Cedric
    Brown, Jamari
    Brown, Jaylin
    Brunson, Steven
    Bryant, Jayden
    Bunn, Joseph
    Callahan, Thomas
    Camacho, Gabriel
    Campbell, Brock
    Caracciolo, Nickolas
    Crumpton, Ryan
    Dillmann, Walker
    Green, Isaiah
    Green, Nicholas
    Groblewski, Logan
    Groff, Rylan
    Gurkin, Kirick
    Hertz, Marley
    Jacobs, Braedan
    Johnson, Jack
    Knowles, Kenneth
    MacAskill, Hayden
    Mckenny, Matthew
    Montgomery, Aamere
    Pahe, Campbell
    Pahe, Connor
    Pezzote, Donato
    Powell, Ashaun
    Reid, John
    Roof, Aiden
    Simpson, Tyrell
    Sorice, Brandon
    Spruill, Curtieal
    Stewart, Aaron
    Thomas, Zymier
    Ullman, Logan
    West, William
    Yopp-Nevels, Charlie
    Young, Kevin