STING matrix

NBHS is a PBIS school!

  • PBIS stands for Positive, Behavior, Intervention, Support. At NBHS, positive behavior is modeled, taught, encouraged, recognized, and rewarded. Interventions and support are given to change behavior when needed.

    Rewards for positive behaviors:

    “STING” Tickets

    Following the five school-wide rules and being a positive “sting” student will earn you tickets.

    These tickets can be given to you by any school staff at any time.

    Be sure to write your name neatly on the back of your sting ticket and keep in a safe place.

    Freebie Friday

    Rewards will be available to purchase using sting tickets on Friday during lunch.

    Sting tickets may also be used for weekly raffles set up on Friday in the cafeteria. Names of raffle winners will be called during fourth period before school is dismissed.

    ~Some teachers may offer rewards in their classroom in addition to Freebie Friday.

    Rewards and raffle prizes will include:

    Ice cream, candy, chips, restaurant coupons, school supplies, gift cards, free school sports tickets and more!!!