WBHS Parking Application

    Before you complete the Parking Pass Application online form, you must review the Parking Rules and Regulations. The application must be completed and signed by a parent/guardian using the online form.

    Seniors and Juniors - WBHS will begin selling parking passes during Open House. Parking passes cost $40.00 for seniors and juniors. Regardless of when you plan to start parking on campus this year, be sure to reserve your parking pass by applying and paying before the last school day in September.

    Sophomores - WBHS will allow sophomores to park on campus starting October 1st. Sophomores will not be able to pick up their parking pass until the last school day in September. Parking passes cost $40 for sophomores.

    All Students - A waiting list will be created through the online application form when all spots have been sold

    In order to pick up the parking pass, students must:

    Complete the Parking Pass Application online form

    Each student will need to make sure all outstanding fees are paid, and they will need to bring:   
    1. drivers license, 
    2. registration, 
    3. proof of insurance
    4. payment (check or cash)

    *The payment will be collected in the form of cash or check made out to WBHS.

    Only SENIORS may be able to reserve a specific parking spot if they choose to pay and paint. Seniors will be given more information about painting their parking spots.


    Required Documents

    Parking Pass Application Online Form

    Parking Rules and Regulations can be found in the WBHS Student Handbook