Are you looking for information on how to join a video meeting with an Elective teacher? Where to find their fun Challenges? How to contact a guidance counselor, join exciting lego builds, or add to the online Belville Art Gallery? Please check out the Electives Newsletter for your answers!

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    To open the interactive PDF, click here: Elective Newsletter May 26


  • Click below to open a PDF of our Bingo Card! When you finish an activity, take a picture as evidence. Submit your BINGO pictures to ANY of the electives teachers through email.

    Bingo Card  


Behavior Policy

  • We will continue to use a positive approach to discipline this year. In their elective classes, each class has a chance to earn 5 class sharks per class period.

    The 5 sharks are: 

    • Entrance
    • Brilliant (Respectful-Following directions)
    • Engaged (Participating)
    • Safe
    • Clean up and Line up

    At the end of the nine weeks we will total the sharks that each class received and choose awards in each enrichment.

    Students will receive “shark bucks” for individual positive behaviors that can be used to purchase items in the shark store.

    If there are negative individual behaviors the procedure is:

    1.) Verbal warning

    2.) Time in a secluded area (within the classroom) with a reflection sheet

    3.) Bouncing to another elective classroom and the reflection sheet is sent home for a parent/guardian signature

    4.) Office Referral