Every night your child will bring home a purple “Homework Folder” containing a weekly newsletter, which will also include a behavior log that will need to be completed and signed (Monday through Thursday)). Any other notes that may need to be seen by parents/guardians will also be listed. Occasionally on Mondays I will send home with the student any papers that I have graded over the course of the previous week. Please take the time to review your child’s work with them, sign the top slip of paper noting that you have reviewed the work, and send back to me the next day. Please do not forget to check the homework folder every night for any notes that may be pertinent for you to see. Also, if you have any comments that I need to see or that need to be sent to the office, you can use this folder to send those in with your child. Your child will need to place any notes in my “mailbox” basket. These include notes that are specifically for me or ones that need to be turned into the office.



    There will be homework every night Monday through Thursday. Though students are not assessed on their homework (I cannot give them an actual grade for its completion), it is highly recommended that students complete their homework. It is also important that students read for 20 minutes each night. This reading may be from any type of material (books, magazines, etc.). Math homework will be assigned nightly. There will be a GYMO math word problem attached to the weekly homework newsletter each week. Students are encouraged to complete the word problem/graphic organizer and return by Friday. We will review the problem in class together to encourage problem solving skills. Student work will be periodically selected and displayed on the “Get Your Math On” bulletin board in the front hallway throughout the school year. Please practice basic addition, subtraction and multiplication facts nightly for mastery. Every morning I will look for a parent/guardian signature on the back of the weekly newsletter. If I see a parent signature indicating that the student completed all homework for that particular night, then that student will be rewarded with a “Positive Pom” as they have gone above and beyond the expectations.



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    Whenever your child misses school for any reason, we must have a written excuse for our
    records. This includes sending in a doctor’s note for an excused absence. Also, I will be
    glad to send home any missed work that they can do without having to be in the classroom,
    so that they do not fall behind. Simply let me know how you would like for me to handle
    this. If you would like to pick up the work (same day of absence), I will have it ready in a
    folder for your convenience. Another option is for me to send it home with your child the
    day they return to school.



    If there are changes in your child’s transportation (if your child is to go home a different
    way than usual), you MUST send a note with the child. Without a note, we HAVE to send
    your child home the way they normally would go. Students must ride his/her assigned bus
    unless changes have been approved by the Assistant Principal.

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    Town Creek Elementary has 4 specific rules that students are expected to abide by in all areas of the school: Be Thoughtful, Be Cooperative, Be Engaged, and Be Safe. As a class we will discuss what it looks like and sounds like to follow these rules in the classroom and elsewhere. It is very important to me that the classroom is a safe, welcoming, and comfortable learning environment. Therefore, it is vital that students behave respectfully and responsibly. For most cases I address minor classroom disruptions using the following steps:


    1.) Remind the student of what they should be doing and redirect their behavior to get them back on task. This is done quietly and directly with the student.


    2.) If the disruption persists I will ask the student to “Take a Break” in which case they will sit in a designated spot in the classroom and have some time to themselves to settle down and regroup. They rejoin the normal activity when they feel they can be successful. They will get 2-3 of these before continuing on to the next step.


    3.) If the misbehavior continues after 2-3 “Take a Breaks” they will have a “Buddy Break” where they are sent to another classroom. They will stay in the other classroom until I am able to go get them and have a brief discussion as to what is happening and what needs to change in order for them to be more successful in the classroom. At this point I will contact the parent/guardian of the student to let them know about the misbehavior. I try to minimize the amount of “Buddy Breaks” that I use, as time out of the classroom is time spent not learning. Therefore, if I do contact you please know that it is because the misbehavior is negatively affecting your child’s success in the classroom and should be taken seriously.

    4.) If the student reaches the third step 3 times for the same behavior in the course of one month, the student will be referred to administration. If the student exhibits a major misbehavior that is dangerous to themselves or to others he/she will be immediately referred to administration. Town Creek Elementary School implements PBIS: Positive Behavior Intervention and Support. A focus is put on the positive behaviors a child exhibits at school. Your child will be rewarded for showing positive behaviors throughout the school day. They will receive “Positive Poms” as a reward for positive behavior. There may be days that your child does not receive any poms and there may be days that your child earns 1 or several poms. The poms will be pooled and turned in for prizes when the child is ready. The number of poms your child earns will determine the type of reward they can choose.


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    8:50 – 9:30 –Resource
    9:30 – 9:50 – Recess
    10:00– 12:00 – Block 1
    12:00 – 12:30 – Lunch
    12:45 – 2:45 – Block 2
    2:45 – 3:25 – Intervention
    3:25 – 3:30 – Pack-Up and Dismissal

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    Letter Grades/Conduct Grades

    In third grade students are given letter grades. 
    They are scored as follows:

    S = Satisfactory


    N = Needs Improvement
    U = Unsatisfactory
    A = 90-100
    B = 80-89
    C = 70-79
    D = 60-69

    Redoing Assignments:

    Your child will be given a chance to redo any work that is marked as incorrect. If your child scores below a 60 they will have to redo the incorrect work. If your child scores a 60 or above he will be given the optionto improve his score. If an assignment comes home and you or your child are displeased with the score of 60 or above, please send the assignment back to school with your child to redo. The corrections will allow them to earn back half of the original points the problems were worth. My original grading will be done with one color and the new score will be marked with a different color. This way the differences in score will be a bit clearer. If your child makes corrections and their score is still below a 60 they will not get another opportunity to redo the work.

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