• Welcome to MIDDLE SCHOOL! We are excited to have you as part of the Leland Middle School Family!  


    • Askia Kirby (Principal):
      • Oversees all operations of the building and instruction for students with assistance from staff.
      • Responsible for occurrences at LMS by students and staff.
      • Second line of appeal for dicipline situations.
    • Shawn Black (Assistant Principal)
    • Elizabeth Mautz (Assistant Principal)
    • Sonya Oates (Assistant Principal)

    Even though we have areas of specialization, you may contact any of us with an affirmation or a concern and we will make sure that the information gets to the appropriate person.  

    Our contact information:

    School number- 910-371-3030

    Mr. Kirby: akirby@bcswan.net

    Mr. Black: scblack@bcswan.net

    Mrs. Mautz: emautz@bcswan.net

    Mrs. Oates: soates@bcswan.net