Message from Superintendent Les Tubb

  • Tubb



    What’s new this year at Brunswick County Schools?

    This is an exciting year and busy year in Brunswick County Schools!  All students in our system can start their day off right with a free breakfast thanks to our child nutrition program. Students at North Brunswick High Schools and Waccamaw School will start their year in new building additions to their schools.  Our annual lottery disbursement of around $900,000 is paying the debt service on these two building projects.  In the spring our system will undergo our five year accreditation review.  We will welcome a team of professionals from AdvancED who will review our practices and offer us feedback and suggestions as we continue to improve our practice.


    What should parents know about the system’s upcoming accreditation review?

    Ten years ago Brunswick County Schools opted to move to a system's accreditation model.  This means that our system sets the course for improvement and provides support for all 19 of our schools.  In other words, we are a school system not a system of individual schools. Being an accredited school system is very important to all of our students! It means that our programs and services meet internationally recognized standards of excellence.  Accreditation means that your child's high school diploma is globally recognized by colleges, universities, and employers.  It means that we are committed to being better tomorrow than we were today!  

    How is the district focused on teacher training and professional development this year?

    We are proud to offer a unique professional development model in Brunswick County.  All professional development is linked to our comprehensive and extremely focused K-12 Instructional Improvement Plan.  We believe there is power in collaboration.  Our model is based on teacher leaders and instructional coaches in our system demonstrating and sharing best practices within professional learning communities. Additionally, we offer two system-wide professional development days that are modeled like a day-long conference that provide staff with choices as to the sessions they attend. This allows staff from across the county to network and share ideas.  As part of our ongoing commitment to the AdvancED standards all schools also participate in an annual Quality Assurance Review (QAR).  The QAR brings a team of administrators and at least 5 teachers from all over the county to a school for a day to spend time in classrooms observing teaching and learning.  We jokingly refer to this as cross-pollination of best practices in our system but that is actually what is occurring. When teachers have the opportunity to be in each other's spaces amazing things happen!   

    Anything else you want parents to know?

    There is a place for everyone to be involved in the public schools of Brunswick County. We cannot do our work without parent and community support. We want parents to know we are committed to the success and growth of every child we serve.  We are committed to customer service and encourage you to seek resolution to any concerns you have with your child's school.  If the concerns cannot be resolved at the school level, our district staff is here to assist. Communication is key to everyone having a successful school year!