• PHASE 1 CLASS section below has registration and process information

    PHASE 2 ROAD section has updates and the BTW process  

    Full/part time positions available for class and/or behind the wheel.

    Driver's Education Goals:

    The goal of Driver Education is to provide each student driver a start in psychomotor skills and mental attitudes that are essential to becoming the most competent, skillful, responsible driver possible. This serves as a base for parents to continue the instruction and supervision of their young driver in developing the necessary knowledge, skill, and attitude needed to become a safe driver.

    Basic Information:

        • Forms include detailed information on class options and registration process
        • This is a course that consists of 30 hours of classwork and 6 hours behind-the-wheel training as required by North Carolina for those between the age of 14.5 through 17 to apply for a NC Learner Permit/License

    To be Eligible for Brunswick County State Funded Driver Education You Must: 

        • Be a resident of Brunswick County.
        • Be between the ages of 14.5 and 17 years of age.
        • As a resident of Brunswick County, whether public, home school or private student may attend any class/school option that is available as long as they can be present at the start of the class and adhere to the schedule.    
        • Pay $65 as required by the NC General Assembly in HB 200. Process for payment of fee will be included on all registration forms. No cash or personal checks.
        •  Adhere to requirements as outlined on the registration form
        • Agree to abide by the Code of Student Conduct as found in the Brunswick County Schools Student Handbook.



    DRIVER EDUCATION CERTIFICATE: Upon completion of the BCS driver education program (class and driving, Phase 1&2), students receive a certificate from the in-car instructor. This does not expire. Each BCS certificate has a check list for the DMV appointment but we recommend contacting DMV for current info/changes.


    The driver education program DOES NOT ISSUE this form

    DMV requires this certificate for proof of current grades and attendance. Please see the attachment below for more information. The driver education program does not have this certificate. This form has an expiration date. If your form has expired, return to the school/Department to re-issue a new certificate.


    The following information is the current information on driver education class registration.  

      • BCS funded driver education is available to home school, private and public school students who are residents of Brunswick County.
      • Other restrictions and state guidelines are listed toward the top of this page to confirm the student’s eligibility.
      • Sign up/registration only takes place once a registration form is in print.
      • When forms are available they will be attached at the bottom of this page.

    SUMMER CLASSES:  Please see attachments below for the summer class options. Residents of Brunswick County can attend any class offered below. The registration attachments have complete information pertaining to class commitments and registering by email.

    2022 – 2023 School Year:   If the registration forms below are not applicable due to dates/locations/DOB limitations, please check this page August 20 for continued class updates. No other dates are in print at this time.

    NBHS:  Please see attachments below

    WBHS: Please see attachments below

    SBHS: Please see attachments below

    COAST:  Please see attachments below

    ECHS:  Please see registration attachments below.                                                                                        


    Employment update

    We continue to advertise for interest in the certification for a Driving Instructor                                         

    We are now waiting on the completion of the certification and licensing process to be completed on several candidates by early June


    This shut down and shortage of NC Certified Instructors have created a back log to our normal efforts to service students in a timely manner.

    1. Road work requires completion of phase 1-class
    2. Requires a vision test by Bus and Traffic Safety. Representative visits each class to do test and sign form to continue with phase 2.
    3. Oldest classes will be called first for students who completed the Bus & Traffic Safety vision test. See Vision note below if you have NOT completed the vision test assigned during the class process.
    4. Per class, age is a consideration in booking/calling students, but not guaranteed that the process will work only by, “oldest to youngest” when scheduling the class.
    5. Instructors will call parent/guardian to discuss the Behind the Wheel appointment options. Instructors will call/leave messages and text if applicable.
    6. Continue to check this page for the BTW schedule updates as we move through the classes. Due to the number of students we are not able to give specific deadlines.


    • We are now contacting (by phone) the classes that COMPLETED end of March. The 150 students from Class # 21, 22,23,24,25,. Ms. James Saturday, Ms. Allison T/Th. Online, and the after school classes from WB, NB and SB. 
    • We anticipate the time frame will take until end of September to drive these 150.
    • Once the March completion dates have been called, we will begin the 240 students who completed classes in June 2022.
    • Unfortunately we are not able to give a specific deadline of where your student will be called in that timeframe.
    • Instructors will either text/call/leave messages as we work through the files.
    • Only the Students who completed class Feb 7 or BEFORE who have not been called, should do the following:

    Email driversedreg@bcswan.net and in the subject write BTW question and include in the email these 5 points of information: 

      • Student’s name
      • High school residence area (North, South or West)  
      • DOB  
      • Class Month /year
      • VisionTest: Yes (include month DMV vision test taken) or No -have not taken DMV vision test. (for in person classes Bus and Traffic Safety did this during the class time)


    Please do the following if your student completed class and did not attend an appointment

    Students cannot do the behind the wheel until Bus and Traffic Safety completes this test and signs the form.

    If your student has completed class and has missed their assigned vision test appointment, please do the following:

    • Email driversedreg@bcswan.net
    • In the subject line write: Need vision test
    • Include in the email these 4 points: 1. student name, 2. DOB, 3. class completion month 4. Your School area of residence, NBHS, SBHS or WBHS


    Please review the information posted above for Class registration, Behind the wheel process/updates, Vision tests and Program requirements. It is current and answers questions about the class and driving process.

    1. DriversEdReg@bcswan.net
    2. Call office number 910-575-5888


    Registration Forms and Documents available at this time, see above for class updates: