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Check-Out Procedures

Check-Out Procedures


This administrative procedure addresses the process of permitting authorized individuals to pick-up students and/or have permitted access to school premises.  It is the clear intent of this procedure that it is to be administered throughout Brunswick County Schools in a uniform, non-discriminatory manner, balanced against the requirement that we ensure the safety of our students.  Each School Principal or that Principal's designee(s) shall implement the following:


  1. Ensure that the individual picking up the student is the parent, caregiver, or is otherwise among the Power School list of individuals authorized to pick up the student.


  1. Verify that the individual seeking access to school facilities (such as classrooms or cafeteria) has satisfied the requirements of the Ident-a-Kid Program.  (This may require manual entry of identification data in the event the individual is unable to present an ID containing a bar code).


  1. The following forms of identification shall be deemed acceptable to pick up a student and/or have access to school facilities:


  1. North Carolina, other State, or foreign country driver’s license;
  2. North Carolina DMV (non-driver’s license) ID;
  3. Passport;
  4. Green Card;
  5. Employer ID;
  6. Military ID; and
  7. Veteran's ID.



  1. Absent display of one of the above-listed identifications, or other similar picture identifications, the student shall not be released to the requesting individual.


  1. A daily log shall be maintained listing the employee or employees charged with the responsibility of checking IDs.


  1.  No individual who fails to produce one of the above accepted forms of identification shall be referred to the School Resource Officer (SRO), except in the event of an unrelated traffic violation or a criminal offense.