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11/9 Cougar Family News



Cougar Family News

November 9, 2020

Cougar Families,


We don’t really have much news this week.  Wednesday is a holiday for students and staff. We are finishing the NC Check ins over the next few days, so if your student hasn’t tested, please ask him/her to check the email.

The county just put out a survey about how you want your student to attend school 2nd semester.  One choice is 100% virtual, and the other choice is A/B as we are now.  The survey ends quickly, Nov. 16, so make sure to fill it out ONLY if you want to change from the current way your student attends.  Example:  student is attending A day, but you want him/her to go 100% virtual.  You won’t be able to choose your days though.

Here is the link:


Students and adults are to wear masks at all times in school unless they are on a mask break.  I am attaching a picture so you can review this with your student.  This is THE most important thing we can do to stay safe.