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Dress Code


 Policy Code: 4316 Student Dress Code and Appearance


The Brunswick County Board of Education believes that the dress and personal appearance of students greatly affect their academic performance and their interaction with other students.  The Board requests that parents outfit their children in clothing that is conducive to learning.  Generally, dress and grooming standards as determined by the student and his or her parents will be deemed acceptable.  However, the Board prohibits any appearance or clothing that does the following:

  1. violates a reasonable dress code adopted and publicized by the school;
  2. is substantially disruptive;
  3. is provocative or obscene; or
  4. endangers the health or safety of the student or others.



  1. Age-Inappropriate Dress – Clothing must be age appropriate.


  1. Provocative Dress – Clothing that is disruptive to the teaching-learning process or is indecent, vulgar, or obscene.


  1. Overly Revealing Dress – Shorts, skirts or dresses shorter than four inches above the knee, tank tops, bare backs or spaghetti straps (boys and girls), shirts or blouses that do not cover the waist and midriff, clothing made of sheer or mesh material or that has excessive holes, or visible undergarments Tight fitting stretch pants (yoga pants/jeggings) may only be worn under skirts or dresses no shorter than four inches above the knee.


  1. Headgear – Including but not limited to hats, earmuffs, sweatbands, “do-rags,” or sunglasses worn inside the school buildings.


  1. Bandanas – May not be worn inside the school building or on campus.


  1. Inappropriate Illustrations – Clothing which promotes alcoholic beverages, tobacco, the use of controlled substances, is of a sexual nature, depicts violence, is racist or harassing based on cultural or ethnic differences.


  1. Improper Footwear – Proper footwear is required for the safety and proper function of the activities or events engaged in at any given time by participating students. NO FLIP FLOPS of any kind or open-toed shoes are allowed. Sneakers should always be worn on P.E. days.


  1. Improperly Worn Clothing – Inside-out, backwards, unfastened, or otherwise worn in a fashion other than that for which the clothing was designed to be worn (examples include, for instance, unbuttoned bib overalls, unbuckled belts, etc.).


  1. Gang-Related Clothing or Insignia – Students are not permitted to wear, possess, use, distribute, display or sell any clothing, jewelry, emblem, badge, symbol, sign or other items with intent to convey membership or affiliation with a gang.


  1. Sags – No sagging pants allowed; pants cannot be worn with the waistband below the hipbone.




PreK-5: 1st Offense: Student will be asked to correct the inappropriate attire while at school or parent will be called to come to school and replace the unacceptable clothing.  If parents are unable to come immediately, student will be required to wear available alternate clothing provided by the school for the remainder of the day.

Any Further Offenses: Will result in disciplinary action as deemed appropriate by the principal.