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October is National Principals Month.  We appreciate our principals and are so proud of what they accomplish in and out of the classrooms. We wanted our 19 individual school leaders to hear some candid comments about what it's like to work alongside them so we reached out to the schools for those very words.  Here are some of the comments we've shared on the BCS Facebook page/Twitter over the past few weeks:


Justin Hayes: Cedar Grove Middle

Jusin Hayes

"Justin Hayes has been a welcome breath of fresh air in our building. His commitment to the “team” is unmatched, and it makes all the difference for our students and staff alike!"-Trish Gilliland, CGMS Teacher of the Year

"Mr. Hayes is establishing a great sense of community at CGMS.  He is making a valiant effort to get to know all students and staff and his presence in the classroom is building meaningful relationships.  Mr. Hayes makes a point to offer kind and uplifting words each day and his upbeat attitude makes our school a great place to learn.-April Rogerson, Media Coordinator

"He likes to start every day off with a fist bump to say good morning.  He does a great job speaking to all of the kids and checking in on them."-Melissa Pittman, School Nurse

“Mr. Hayes joined the CGMS family 'running" as if he has been with us all along. His leadership and unique way he interacts with students and staff is amazing. It is a pleasure to be part of such a great team led by Mr. Hayes.”-Leisha Ivey, Secretary

“It is awesome working with Mr. Hayes here at Cedar Grove Middle School. Every morning he walks down every grade level hallway giving each staff member a fist bump, some days are double fist bump days. That is such a personal touch at saying "good morning" and "have a great day".  He ends the day by playing a snippet of song over the intercom that is symbolic to the type of school day that we had or evening we expect to have. For example, on a recent game day, he played Hank Williams, Jr "Monday Night Football". It is great working with Mr. Hayes.” -Melodie Bryant, Teacher

Mr. Hayes has a gentle nature with his faculty, and he also has high expectations for his staff.  Naturally, he's a busy person, but he makes sure to stop by to say good morning to everyone before the day begins.  -Karen Gazzard, EC teacher.  


Beverly Eury: Bolivia Elementary

Bevely Eury

"Have you ever had someone come into your life who filled a void and felt like family? That's what Mrs. Eury has done at Bolivia. She's brought leadership, spunk, and a feeling of community. She always puts students and staff first and makes each and everyone feel like they belong at the school. Her support and genuine heart makes coming to school each day a pleasurable one! She's rightfully earned the title "Momma Bear!" 
-Sherri Clark, 4th Grade Teacher

"I can not say enough GREAT things about Mrs. Eury! She is an absolute wonderful leader! In just her short time as a Bolivia Bear, she has made our FAMILY stronger. She sincerely enjoys the dialog with students and staff. She's always eager to be part of the process to improve our school and community. She operates from a strong set of values and principals that you can feel and see. There is a strength and honesty in her professional relationships with all staff. Mrs. Eury is an authentic leader and a pleasure to work for!" 
-Paula Knox, Parent Facilitator

"She is a outstanding leader and educator. Her Dolphin family had her for many years and she helped create a culture for learning that will stay at Southport for years to come."
-Jamie Madren, SES Assistant Principal

"Mrs. Eury makes me want to be a better teacher, plain and simple. I know she believes in me and values my professional judgement and in return I want to do my very best for her. I have been lucky enough to work with Mrs. Eury when she was an assistant principal and now as a principal. I am grateful for her leadership, wisdom and guidance! We are so excited she is now a member of the Bolivia Bear Family!"
-Allison Wilkins, 5th grade Teacher

"One of the first things you will notice about Mrs. Eury is the positivity that radiates from her. From the moment that she set foot on this campus, she made sure that teachers and families knew that they were appreciated and an important part of the Bolivia family. In a hard profession like teaching, we need more Mrs. Eurys in our world!"
-Elizabeth Schmidt, 2018-2019 Bolivia Teacher of the Year


Tracy Coston: Supply Elementary

Tracy Coston

"Working with Ms.Coston is like being on a ship, a ship driven by a determined captain who can see past the rough waters ahead and help guide us all to the ultimate goal."
-Jolyne Swain, Front Desk

"Ms. Coston is incredible! She is kind, funny, supportive, and she is working hard to make Supply a better school for our kids. I have really enjoyed working for Ms. Coston and I’m very thankful to have a leader who is so involved and dedicated to our Supply family."
-Emily Derr, 5th Grade Teacher

"Working with Ms. Coston has been a wonderful experience. Her door is always open and she is available to listen to concerns and help in the classroom where needed. She cares about her staff and students and treats everyone like family."
-Pam Nardozzi, SBS

"Working with Ms. Coston has been AMAZING! She is dedicated to our school, staff and most importantly our students! She pushes each one of us to be the best teacher we can be while still being flexible and understanding the demands of a classroom. She is our teachers biggest advocate and keeps our students at the heart of ALL the decisions she makes. I am so thankful to be able to have a wonderful and fearless leader like her. Supply is so lucky to have her as a principal!"
-Melissa Daily, 1st Grade Teacher

Mrs Daily continued..."Our kids love her, too! I asked some of my first grade students what they thought of having Ms. Coston as our principal and they said"...

"I like that she takes care of us."
"I like that she is the principal of this school." 
"Ms. Coston's hair is cool." 
- Ta'J 
"She is respectful and treats others the way she wants to be treated." 
"She works really hard!" 


Helen Otto: Virginia Williamson Elementary

Helen Otto

"Mrs. Otto does not back down from a challenge. If she sees an area that needs improvement, she will work until the goal is met. She will put 100% effort into everything she sets forth to accomplish. Her work ethic serves as a role model for us all at VWES."
-Kate Watson, Assistant Principal

"Mrs. Otto is a fabulous principal to work with. She enjoys visiting my classroom to see what my kiddos are learning and jumps right in if I am busy with a specific student. She is understanding of the needs of my students and often provides positive feedback to them, even when they are having a rough day. Mrs. Otto is warm and welcoming to the students as they arrive at school each morning and greets them with hugs and smiles. Mrs. Otto is fun to work with and fits right in!"
-Amber Beaman, VWES Rookie of the Year

" Ms. Otto is very supportive of our Exceptional Children's Department. She is always available for meetings, answer questions and overall just being there for us."
-Catalina Jordan, EC Chair

"Mrs. Otto is an organized and efficient principal who seamlessly weaves together all aspects of the running of our school. She has a genuine concern for the well-being of staff, students and our families."
-Julie Sloup, Media Coordinator


Walker Constantinesco: Town Creek Elementary

Walker Constantinesco

"Ms. C is always available to talk. I know I can come to her with any classroom issue or question and she is there for advice or an answer! I know she genuinely cares for my success in the classroom as well as my students' success!"
-Leianna Hatcher, TCES Rookie of the Year

"Ms. C encourages teachers and staff at Town Creek to work work as a team to build academic excellence for all students. She works closely with her teachers to ensure all students are achieving success by using data driven decision making, researched based practices and engaging learning experiences."
-Settle Dawkins, 5th Grade

"Mrs. C loves her staff and students here at Town Creek. She takes pride in the work she does and the connections that she has made over the years with many, many families. She is continually trying to find ways to help teachers daily- helping them dissect their data or sending out information in her weekly newsletter versus having to meet (knowing this helps them out and they appreciate it greatly). Our teachers know that they can count on her for support at any time, in any situation."
-Jennifer Faircloth, Assistant Principal

"Mrs. C is an amazing friend, teacher, principal and leader. She is one in a million and will never ask you to do something she's not willing to do herself. She leads by example. We are truly blessed to have her at Town Creek." #Gatorlife
-Holly Locklear, School Resource Officer

"Mrs. C is a selfless person. She always makes sure that the needs of others are met prior to her own." 
-Rebecca Brown, Exceptional Children Chairperson

"I have never seen a person in authority care so deeply about students as if they were all her own. She's not afraid to get down on their level and reason with them in a manner that they not only understand but will respect."
-Bridgit Qualls, School Secretary

"Ms. C's number one priority is the success and safety of her Gators." 
-Lisa Dolak, AIG Teacher


Marie Laboy: Shallotte Middle

Marie Laboy

"Mrs. Laboy is a blessing to me as my principal! She understands the importance of family and incorporates this into her leadership. If I need to speak with her she is ready to listen or set up a time to meet. She advocatesfor me as a teacher and for my department team. She has been there as an encourager and continues to help me grow as a teacher and person. I am thankful to have her as my principal."
-Jessica Milligan, Exceptional Children Teacher

“Mrs. Laboy is a valuable team player. She is always quick to remind us how much we mean to the students and even, to her. She really tries to make this a SMS family!”
-Natalie Gavitt, 2018-2019 BCS Rookie of the Year

"Mrs. Laboy is an amazing principal. She is very compassionate and concerned about the well being of the students and staff of SMS. She is always kind and considerate and willing to help those that may have a need."
-Tammy Munns, Instructional Assistant

“She is so witty, which I love. Her humor is right in line with mine. That’s important because it’s good to laugh. Also, she reflects a lot and thinks from her heart. It’s comforting to work along side someone like that. “
-Anthony Tantillo, Assistant Principal

“Marie Laboy's number 1 priority is the SMS student and their families. She strives to ensure that each student feels special. She cares deeply for their safety and for their education. Marie is equally caring for her staff. If an SMS faculty or staff member needs support, personally, or professionally, Marie is right there to help, however she can. Marie is a champion of her Shallotte Middle Family! “
-Lea Freer, SMS Teacher of the Year

"Mrs. Laboy has shown me kindness during some rough patches, and has cheered me on during times of celebration, and that has meant the world to me."
-Dionne DeBerry, Guidance Counselor


Peg Bourne: Southport Elementary

Peg Bourne

“Through Principal Bourne's calm demeanor, she has led her staff and students though a difficult start to the year. She has helped uplift and refocus our Dolphin family on the importance of building relationships and creating a safe and welcoming environment for our students.”
-Claire Herrington, BCS Teacher of the Year

"I work at Southport Elementary where Mrs. Bourne is our principal. Even though, Mrs. Bourne is new to our school, she is fitting in nicely and during the hurricane, she was kind enough to offer a place for ones in need to stay. That was very thoughtful of her."
-Norfrette Bellamy, Southport Elementary Instructional Assistant of the Year

“She is flexible, creative, approachable, and listens. 
She has a vision and a plan that is inclusive and based on what is best for students.
She's fair and consistent doesn't show favoritism.
She is quickly establishing relationships and trust among her staff.
Students are the main focus of all her decisions.
She treats teachers as professionals.”
-Holly Jackson, Instructional Coach

“Mrs. Bourne has been a new great leader at SES this challenging year and I love, love, love the way she has organized the daily class schedule on the order that the classes come to Resource. It is very logical and well thought out. It has never been in this order for the 17 years that I have been teaching and it just makes sense. Thank you for your direction and positive improvements.”
-Donna Michaux, P.E. Teacher

"Mrs. Bourne is a true educator and is always working to determine what is best for students and staff."
-Jamie Madren, Assistant Principal


Rhonda Benton: West Brunswick High

Rhonda Benton

“Mrs Benton is Simply the Best!! She has taken Pride to a new level at at West and I am Proud to call her my Principal!!!”

“Ms. Benton is one of the most caring and compassionate people I've ever met. She always has the students best interest in mind when she makes decisions.”

“Rhonda Benton loves West Brunswick, the students, the staff, the faculty, the community all mean something to her and working with her has been the absolute best experience.”

“Mrs. Benton pours her passion for the community, faculty and students into everything she does. Her commitment to our students is truly admirable.”


David Ruth: South Brunswick Middle

David Ruth

"You never see his feathers ruffled. He stays calm, cool and collected." Mrs. Haugen, Sixth grade Math and Science

"Mr. Ruth is a leader who respects his staff's professionalism and supports the our vision for SBMS." Ms. Leonard, Seventh Grade ELA

"Mr. Ruth Is a great supporter of the Band program and the Arts at South Brunswick Middle School, I have always felt wanted and appreciated as a music educator during his time at south. He does not just say he supports us, but he shows by the funding, students class time and quality teachers he has in the arts. " Mr. Edwards, Band and Orchestra

"Mr. Ruth has set a priority on creating and maintaining a positive, family atmosphere at South Brunswick Middle School. His quiet, supportive leadership style gives staff the flexibility and encouragement to always do what is best for our students." Mrs. Thomas, Eighth Grade ELA

"Mr Ruth is a leader who operates on an open door policy. He is open to listening to teacher's thoughts and ideas regarding ways to motivate and grow students, and he doesn't mind working with us to find ways to get it done! " Mrs. Young, Sixth Grade ELA

"Mr. Ruth is a wonderful and caring leader at South Brunswick Middle School. He strives to achieve the best for the students, staff, parents and community. He is committed to making SBMS a school of excellence for many years to come." Mrs. Heitz, Assistant Principal


Vickie Smith: Union Elementary

Vickie Smith

"She is so supportive of her staff and encourages us every day to do what is best for children. She LOVES Union Elementary school students. She believes that "Once a Dolphin, Always a Dolphin!"
-Mrs. Hewett, 3rd grade teacher

"Vickie is incredible! She exudes leadership as she constantly praises your strengths and molds your weaknesses into effective leadership strategies."
-Sam Jennings (AP)

"She always says, 'I'm gonna always do what's best for children."- Sally Brown (K)

"I call her Vicky Violet, her name and color means she has a deep desire to serve humanity and sees the best in their potential achievement." 
- Robin Randolph (PE)

"Mrs. Smith has valuable knowledge about K-5 students, she used to be a Kindergarten teacher:) She uses this "loving" Kindergarten mentality to be a supportive and effective principal for her students, parents, AND STAFF. We are spoiled here at Union!!!" 
-Heather Morse (1st Grade)

"Vickie Smith brings the sunshine to Union every single day. She is an advocate for her teachers and the students. We are blessed to have such a loving princiPAL! "
-Jennifer Adcock (4th Grade)

"She believes that all children can succeed. When a staff member has a need, she finds the resources to make it happen!"
-Jill Carter (5th Grade)

"Vickie is the most dedicated, hard working, and caring person I know. We are so honored and blessed to have her as our principal." 
-Jennifer Oakes (2nd Grade)


Chip Hodges: South Brunswick High

Chip Hodges

"Mr. Hodges is supportive of his students and staff. He shows this everyday by being visible in the hallways and asking everyone questions to make sure their needs are being meet."
-Dr. Jon Deberry

"Mr Hodges always has a smile on his face and a positive word to say. I have found him to be a great listener and problem solver. He loves South and advocates for students and staff. We are truly blessed to have him as our leader and friend."
-Cathy Johnson

"My principal, Mr. Chip Hodges, is the first administrator to arrive at school. He is easily accessible to both teachers and students whether it be in his office or as he makes his rounds of the building each day. He has a vision and a plan to accomplish that vision by working together with staff as a collaborative unit." 
-June Loveless

"Mr. Hodges is always willing to listen to new ideas that will increase student engagement and learning. He makes every effort to obtain valuable resources for teachers to utilize in their classrooms so that teachers and students are successful. #setthestandard"
-Erica Sypole

“Since coming to SBHS three years ago Mr. Hodges has embraced and supported the culture of professionalism in SBHS’ staff. He is flexible, approachable, and available. You can tell he is committed to SBHS for the long haul and we are grateful."
-Kayce Smith


Askia Kirby: Leland Middle

Askia Kirby

“Mr. Kirby is the most approachable Principal I have ever worked with. His presence is simply uplifting to everyone around him.”
-Shawn Black, Assistant Principal

“Mr. Kirby is a true model of empowerment, encouragement, enthusiasm, empathy, and expectations!”

“Mr. Kirby is an awesome leader that treats us like an equal and isn't afraid to help out when the staff needs him.”

“Mr. Kirby's possess an infectious caring attitude with students and staff and wanting the best for all stakeholders at LMS.”

“I feel as if I have known Mr. Kirby my entire life, like I had grown up with him and we were childhood friends. He has every quality of a great leader with a future so bright and is just a wonderful human being.”
-Carolynn Phillips, 2017-18 BCS Teacher of the Year

"Mr. Kirby always has an open door! There has never been a day where I didn’t feel like I could go to him with anything."
-Sarah Anderson, Science Teacher

"Mr. Kirby brings an energy and positive attitude in everything that he does and you just want to be a part of that. Every morning he tries to stick his head into the classroom just to check in and say good morning."
-Caitlin Young, 2018-2019 LMS Rookie of the Year


Molly White: Lincoln Elementary

Molly White

“Molly is the true definition of a leader. She is super organized and she is passionate about our community and kids. She provides opportunities for staff to lead in various ways. She provides guidance and support whenever necessary to help everyone be successful.”
-Mrs.Caddell, Media Coordinator

“It is an honor to work for Mrs. White. One of the first things I noticed about her was how caring, dedicated and passionate she was about the students at Lincoln. She sets high expectations for all students, teachers, and parents in the community. In the recent hurricane, Mrs. White was constantly at the school organizing donations, calling families and coordinating ways to get food and hygiene items to families in need. She truly cares about the students in this school and the employees that work for her!” 
-Mrs. Melancon, Kindergarten

“Problem solved! :)”
-Mrs. Johnson, 4th Grade

“She is extremely proactive, organized, and knows every student at Lincoln by name!” 
Mrs. Bunn, Instructional Coach

“Working as an educator under Molly White and experiencing her leadership and dedication to our faculty, families and students has instilled in me to strive to be a better and more effective teacher for my students.”
-Mrs. Brennan, 1st Grade

“I could not ask for a better administrator to learn from! Molly has all of the qualities that a principal needs--she is compassionate, systematic, open to feedback, and truly knows our kids and families. I have been with her for six years and continue to be amazed every day! I want to be just like her when I grow up!”
-Mrs. Agee, Assistant Principal


Paul Price: North Brunswick High

Paul Price

"His dedication to students, staff, life-long learning, growth and development is inspiring and motivating! He shares and shows his heart for student-centered learning with each and every interaction."
-Elizabeth Williamson, English Teacher

"Mr. Price is someone who wants to help others improve, a great listener, never starts anything with a negative, expresses to his staff how much they are valued, loves people of all ages, kind, hand-working, and extremely patient. He is loved greatly here at North Brunswick High School."
-Maria Hill, CTE Teacher

"Mr. Price is a top notch administrator who cares deeply about the success of his students. He's accessible to students, parents, and teachers and it's very obvious to all how much he loves his job."
-Maggie Jones, Special Populations Coordinator/Career Development Facilitator

"Mr. Price is supportive of teachers and lets us know how he appreciates what we do."
-Zach Pring, Science Teacher

"Working with Mr. Price is a very empowering experience for teachers as he is consistently introducing the faculty to new, research driven methods of education and motivation, an example of which is having us read and study the book "10 Mindframes for Visible Learning.”
-Darren Willis, History Teacher

"Mr. Price always makes me feel valued and makes me feel like I am an integral contributor to my school’s success and climate. It makes me strive for my very best."
-Laura Carley, Math Teacher

"Mr. Price is willing to go the extra mile to make NBHS great! He is compassionate, understands staff, students and parents. Mr. Price is a creative problem solver and leads by example."
-Tracey Weigold, Math Teacher

"These three quotes describe working with Mr. Price.
Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.(John Dewey)
The art of communication is the language of leadership. (James Humes)
The quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves. 
(Ray Kroc)"
-Jessica Lewis, Science Teacher, NBHS


Roman Kelley: Waccamaw School

Roman Kelley

"He always says, 'I love my job!' He also says, 'I have the hardest easiest job there is!' I say.....'I have to keep my running shoes handy to keep up with Mr. Kelley!'
-Kippy Hughes

"Mr. Kelley is such a pleasure to work for and with. The staff and students at Waccamaw have the utmost respect for him, and he supports the school 110%. Best Principal ever!"
-Mary Chestnutt

"Mr. Kelley understand the most important measure for success --- how you treat people. And for this reason, Mr. Kelley is very successful. He cares deeply about the staff, students, and the entire Waccamaw Community. Working with Mr. Kelley is FUN! BEST Principal EVER!"
- Jane Grey

"Hats off to the Big Eagle this week!" Always trying to offer his assistance to his eaglets in everything we do! He`s the best! So glad he`s ours!
-Myra Elkins

“Roman Kelley is more than the principal: he is the leader of the Waccamaw School family. His support for the staff and his concern for the students make Waccamaw a great place to learn.”
-Kim Hawkins

“I appreciate the support that Mr. Kelley provides the staff, students and families in our Waccamaw community. He keeps the best interest of the school in mind and encourages us all to give our best each day. We are truly blessed to to have such a caring principal.”
-Daphne Mintz


Randy Horne: The COAST

Randy Horne

"He is not afraid to get his hands dirty." 

"Spend any time with Mr. Horne and it quickly becomes evident his desire to create a supportive learning environment for both students and staff. He recognizes the unique needs of our different student populations and sees the long term impact of our efforts on students’ lives."

"On the surface, he may seem phlegmatic, but he is compassionate and caring."

"There is never a dull moment."

"Be prepared for the unexpected."

"Mr. Horne has helped to promote a culture focused on student development, providing support to school staff in ways that ultimately lead to improvement. Not only is he liked, he's trusted."


Cheri Skaggs: Early College High School

Cherri Skaggs

"Working with Mrs. Skaggs is like working with one of your best friends." 
-Judy Rodriguez

“Our principal Cheri Skaggs, is the true epitome of the open door policy. She is always willing to listen to anyone who knocks on her door, she is willing to set her things aside and take the time to listen to you. You are made to feel comfortable and part of the Firebird family. “
-Christine Schrode

“I appreciate working for someone who is fair, consistent, but firm. It is truly a joy working under her direction.”
-Alise White

“Cheri Skaggs never misses anything, she always remembers to complete a task, and is the most supportive boss that I have ever had in terms of making sure we as teachers get what we need and have the support needed during a crisis, personal or professional.”
-Dane Fisher

“I can honestly say that Mrs. Skaggs is the best boss I have had. She is honest and fair.. I am very blessed to be able to work with such awesome person and boss. Her love of ECHS is genuine. “
-Connie Hall

“Mrs. Skaggs is personable and trusts your professional decisions in your classroom. “
-Leah Perkins

“She tackles problems and exudes empathy just as readily and easily as she celebrates, and she seems to want the job of principal for the challenges associated with it.”
-Joel Elliott

“Mrs. Skaggs is a selfless leader that puts the needs of the students and school 1st. She fosters a true sense of community with teachers, students and parents.”
-Chris Orrock


Alicia Williams: Jessie Mae Monroe Elementary

Alicia Williams

"Mrs. Williams is a ray of sunshine. She can always make you smile and it happens just out of the blue. She truly cares about the students and the success of Jessie Mae. "

"Mrs. Williams possess many attributes I admire, she is genuine , she is very honest and forthright , she is a natural leader and she possess the talent of being able to build a team that works together for the benefit of each other and for every Jessie Mae Monroe Student."

"Mrs. Williams is an effective leader with strong ethics, a dynamic personality and an unyielding commitment to the teachers, staff and students of Jessie Mae Monroe Elementary."

"Mrs. Williams is a good Principal because she takes on a very good leadership role in her job duties of what needs to be implemented throughout the school."

"I am very blessed to be side by side working with Mrs. Williams everyday. Mrs. Williams is personal and passionate with each relationship she has here at JMMES. She makes you feel like you are one of a kind and she appreciates your expertise and your wisdom on everything."

"The fifth grade team is very excited to work with Mrs. Williams. It is evident by her actions she cares about our JMMES family and has set very high expectations for the teachers, students, and parents to ensure each students is successful."

"Mrs. Williams is an active supporter of our staff and students. She encourages us to collaborate and discover innovative ways to help meet the needs of JMME."

"Working with Mrs. Williams is wonderful. Her calm spirit and demeanor lets you know that of all the instructions and mandates that come and she passes along, it is not about her but about the children and she allows you to do your job, supporting you, fully."

"Mrs. Williams creates a positive learning and working environment for the students and staff here at Jessie Mae Monroe Elementary."


Rick Hessman: Belville Elementary

Rick Hessman

"Dr. Hessman has been an asset to Belville and Brunswick County. He has created an environment where teachers feel as though they can teach and students can learn. Above all, he always does his best to support his staff, students and parents and makes everyone feel welcome and valued. A school can't function without a great leader and Belville has become a place where teachers want to come, stay and grow into better educators."
- Mrs. Ollis-Moore, 5th grade teacher and Belville Teacher of the Year

"He has complete trust in his teachers. He advocates for them, highly respects them and always tries to see things from their point of view. He has very high standards but he definitely makes you feel like you are working with him and not for him."
-Lauren Wujtewicz, Instructional Coach

"As a teacher, if I need something, all I have to do is ask. I can't think of a time when he has said, "No," or "We can't do that right now."
-Mrs. Grazioso, 5th grade teacher

"He comes to ask for individual feedback about handling different student issues and actually really listens and processes his thoughts and ideas with you. That's when you know he really believes in the school being a team where we all have an important voice that should be heard."
-Mrs. Meyer, Behavior Specialist