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Board Members take Oath of Office

The  Adminstistration of the Oath of Office for two board members took place at the December 4th Board of Education Meeting held at South Brunswick High School.   We are grateful for the Honorable Ola M. Lewis, Senior Resident Superior Court Judge, who presided over the event.


Charles Miller, outgoing Board Chairman and Southport resident, has been serving on the School Board since 2006 and was re-elected for another term.

Gerald Benton, a newly elected Board Member, resides in Leland.  Both members were joined with their family during the adminstration of Oath of Office.


Charlie Miller taking oath

Charlie Miller taking oath with his family by his side


Jerry Benton taking oath

Jerry Benton taking oath with his family by his side


Following the Adminstration of Oath of Office, members held a Reorganization of the Board.   The Election of Chairman was presided by Superintendent Dr. Jerry L. Oates.  Board members unanimously approved Catherine Cooke as the new School Board Chairman of Brunswick County Schools.  Members unanimously approved Ellen Milligan as the new Schoo Board Vice-Chairman of Brunswick County Schools.


Chairman Cooke

Chairman Cooke presiding over the election of the Vice-Chairman



Vice-Chairman Ellen Millgan

Board Member Ellen Milligan after being named Vice-Chairman



Board members also shared kind, and humorous, words with former Board Member John Thompson in a special recognition of service address.


Charlie Miller and John Thompson