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Digital Library Offers 4,100+ titles

Brunswick County Schools is excited to announce the addition of a Digital Library!  It now gives students and staff access to more than 4,100 titles whenever and wherever they want to read or listen to a new book. The online library features everything from picture books to novels and are available in a variety of formats and accessible on most devices including Chromebooks, computers, Kindles, iPhones, and Android phones.


"Our goal is to create a culture of reading and a love for reading in Brunswick County Schools," Director of Instructional Technology Acacia Dixon said.  "This digital library collection moves us in that direction by providing 24/7 access to a variety of self-selected reading materials that students and staff can enjoy.  While it will never replace our print collections, it will allow an alternative for students to access books on weekends, before and after school hours, and even during inclement weather.  We are excited to continue to grow this collection as a district and also to watch as individual schools grow their own collections." 


The collection also has more than 700 audio books and more than 260 Spanish language texts.   All staff and students have access to resources using their Google login credentials and the available selections are based on their grade level. For example, elementary students would not have access to eBooks/selections of a high school student level.

Staff has access to all titles.




Students and staff can check out 3 items at a time for 7 days and can place items on hold if they are currently checked out by another person.


The digital library will help promote reading and educational fun when students aren't in class, whether it be the weekend, summer break, or any situation where they are away from school.


  • Log on to
  • Click "Find My School"
  • If Brunswick County Schools is listed on the screen, click "This is my school".  If not listed, click "My school isn't listed" at the bottom of page and type Brunswick County Schools in the search field.  Under Brunswick County Schools, select "This is my school" green button.
  • You will then be prompted to sign in with your Google credentials.
  • You can search for books via the 'Search for Book" field in the upper left of your screen as well as use "Advanced Search" to search specific formats(audiobook, Kindle, etc.), Language (find Spanish texts), and Lexile.




Once logged in, you'll find other navigation features at the bottom of the screen and include buttons for Home, Explore, Shelf and Me.


Home:  Displays any assignments, book loans, notes you saved on previous texts, and vocabulary you searched while reading.


Explore:  Returns you to the book cover splash screen.


Shelf:  Allows you to access your loans, holds, lists and activities.


Me:  Shows data about your checkouts and badges you have earned.

Where do I get the other Sora apps? The Sora app is available via any browser or via download from the Google Plan and Apple iTunes Stores.  Click here for links to both app stores.  

What about resources for my classroom?

See your school library media coordinator.  Each school has the capability to build its own, separate but integrated, collection that is accessible only to the students and staff of that school.  In addition, resources can be assigned directly to specific student.


For more information on the digital library, click here.


There are many other ways to use the Sora/OverDrive resource.  Be on the lookout for more information as we continue to grow our digital collections.  Exciting times are ahead in Brunswick County!!!!