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CTE Courses Offered at The COAST

There are some exciting CTE courses being offered for the 2019-2020 school year at The COAST, or Center of Applied Sciences and Technology.  The COAST is located 1109 Old Ocean Highway in Bolivia.


Career and Technical Education(CTE) courses prepare students to be college and/or career-ready by teaching core academic skills and technical job-specific skills.







  • Carpentry I, II, III (Get NCCER certified while in high school)
  • Electrical Trades I, II (Get NCCER certified while in high school)
  • Project Management courses (Learn to plan, assess, delegate, prioritization skills)
  • Clean Energy Applications, Strategies, and Systems (Expose yourself to renewable energies and power) 
  • Technological Design (Research, develop, test and analyze engineering designs) 
  • Technology Engineering and Design(Research and produce physical and virtual models) 
  • Digital Design and Animation I, II (Learn how to bring a project to virtual life) 
  • Game Art Design(Learn design techniques used in the electronic game industry) 
  • Cyber Security(Teaches protection of internet-connected systems)


For more information, contact your school counselor and find out how to sign up for courses that can lead to exciting careers after graduation!



The COAST courses