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Odell and Virginia Williamson Oratorical Scholarship Contest winners

NOW SPEAKING:  The 48th Annual Odell and Virginia Williamson Oratorical Scholarship Contest is a wrap and last night on the campus of BCC we heard some phenomenal public speakers from each of our high schools competing for a $2500 scholarship to the school they plan to attend after graduation.  All participants earned a $100 scholarship for winning on the high school school level.

It was tough on the judges but in the end, Early College High School's Natasha Clifford and Jacob Lindbert each earned the $2,500 Scholarship for college(in addition to the $100 they earned on the individual school level).  
Dr. DeCarole Williamson spoke of his father's journey and his enjoyment of each of the high school student's speeches.  Assistant Superintendent of BCS Darrell Cheers served as Master of Ceremonies.
Here are the participants and the titles of their speech:

(ECHS) Jacob Lindbert's speech was "Why Can't We be Friends".
(ECHS) Natasha Clifford's speech was "We Must Demand Change".
(SBHS) Caleb R. Karem's speech was "This I Know: Duty, Honor, Country".
(WBHS) Rayford Caleb Gilbert's speech was "Learn to S.O.A.R."
(NBHS) Angel Johnson's speech was "The Path of Salutatorian".
(SBHS) Alyssa Creech's speech was "Why the M in STEM Should Stand for Music".
(NBHS) Shakim Murphy's speech was " Challenging Baby Steps ".
(WBHS) Madison Ward's speech was "A Broken System".
Group photo
Natasha Clifford and Dr. Williamson
Jacob Lindbert and Dr. Williamson