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Informational Presentation on Proposed Boundary Line Adjustment

During the May 7th, 2019 Board of Education Meeting, a presentation on the "Examination of School Building Capacity Under Proposed Boundary Line Adjustment" was presented for informational purposes to board members.   The presentation was given by Kevin Hart, TIMS Project Leader for the Institute for Transporation Research and Education.


It looked at the history and evolution of the project, a proposed boundary line adjustment and school capacity estimates for Belville and Town Creek Elementary Schools, projected enrollment at Leland, South Brunswick, and Town Creek Middle Schools, and the next steps and decisions needed to prepare for the opening of Town Creek Middle School.


Administration and staff will now review the information and put together a proposed timeline for further review from board members and the public.



You can see from the lenghty presentation that a tremendous amount of time and analysis goes into boundary line adjustments and it will continue to be a tremendous venture as we look at the best option for our students, families, and schools.


Thank you for your continued support of Brunswick County Schools as we adapt to the booming growth in the district and we look forward to sharing more information about proposed changes as soon as they are available.