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Board Brief: June Committee Meetings

BOARD BRIEF JUNE 18, 2019 Committee Meetings

(In attendance: Board Members Ed Lemon, Ellen Milligan, Catherine Cooke, Charlie Miller, Gerald Benton)


 Finance/HR Committee:

  • A 3 year agreement was approved with Serenic Software, the company that provides accounting software. The district currently uses this company.


  • The payroll schedules for Fiscal Year 2019-2020 were approved. 


  • Budget amendments for the Fiscal Year ending June 30, 2019 were approved.



  • Technology salary supplements for certifications obtained by Technology Technicians were approved. Supplement Level 1= $75.  Supplement Level 2=$150. Supplement Level 3=$200.  Supplement Level 4= $250.  The Tech Department has found this to be attractive to potential hires to recruit highly skilled staff.


  • The proposed update to Policy 7141 Teacher Assistants-Duty to Drive a School Bus was postponed to a future policy review meeting.



Operations Committee:

  • In order to get work started on critical construction projects in the summer, the following contracts were approved: Bolivia Re-Roofing Project, Union Re-Roofing Project, WBHS Remodeling.



  • Operations is going to review the impact of renting football fields to public once artificial turf is installed. Concern over wear and tear.   Will update once more information is available on whether or not to adjust policy on public use.


  • A request to seek consulting services for re-drawing school lines was approved. This will be a 2 Phase Facilities Utilization Study. 

    Phase 1 will involve selecting a school transportation planning consultant to develop options defining the new attendance area for Town Creek Middle School.  Complete work by January 2020 to be presented to the board at the January 14th Operation Committee.  If options are approved, two meetings to gather public comment would follow.  Click here for more details. 
    Phase 2 will involve hiring a school planning consultant to perform an updated county wide planning study.  This study will involve extensive research including demographics, transportation and facility use.  Options will include information related to locations and size for new schools or new additions and district lines including K-12 feeder patterns.  This will be complete for Board review by October 2021.  Click here for more details.



Curriculum Committee:

  • Director of Professional Development Jen Damin presented the Professional Development plans for the 2019-2020 school year.
    You can see the presentation by clicking here.


  • Memorandums of Agreement for Lower Cape Fear Hospice and Coast Horizons were put on consent for the next board meeting. 


  • The following Support Services contracts were put on consent for the next board meeting: Anthony Downey Interpreting, Speech Solutions, Inc., Interim Healthcare of the Eastern Carolinas, Inc., School Nurse Funding Initiative, and Day Treatment Center.


  • Grants for Title I,II,III,IV were presented and put on consent for next board meeting. 


  • Superintendent Dr. Jerry L. Oates presented Administrative Procedures related to School Growth. This addresses expectations with principals who don’t meet growth. The Performance Improvement Plan details administrative procedures for Policy #7011 currently in place.



The next Committee Meeting is scheduled for July 23rd at Central Services.