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SURVEY: Where should graduations be held?

Brunswick County Schools is always looking for the best possible environment for High School Graduations for both students and their families.  Odell Williamson Auditorium has been the location of the graduations for quite some time now and we are grateful for the collaboration with Brunswick Community College each and every year as we celebrate the major milestone in our youth's life.  OWA is a beautiful facility inside and out.


But as many know, and have voiced concerns, the size of our proud student families is larger than the capacity inside the auditorium and many must watch via Livestream from the gymnasium next door.  Each year we look at options in and outside of the county.  Those options are limited when it comes to a venue that could hold the number of people involved in our high school graduations with minimal travel for all parties.  We would, however, like to hear from you in a very simple survey that will give us a gauge as to what the majority of students and family members favor in regards to options that have been discussed.


For now, there are just two questions. 

1) Are you a Student or Family member

2) Do you prefer:

  1. Graduations held at Odell Williamson Auditorium the weekend following the last day of school with limited seating. (Note: Current process)
  2. Graduations held throughout the day on Saturday, June 6, at UNCW with unlimited seating. (Note: June 6 is the only option offered for use of UNCW's coliseum)
  3. Graduations held on school football fields. (Note: Rain/Severe weather would result in relocating to the gym and extreme limited seating)

Those questions are listed in the survey below.  We'll gather the information to see if it merits changing the current location and if so, would present the findings to the Brunswick County Board of Education for review.

Please click the survey that represents the school you, or your child, attends.  Thank you.





Again, thank you for your input.  We'll keep you posted on the outcome in the near future.